Kelsey-ing / Week of [May 25-30]

2015-05-24 08.00.49 Having a Monday off was one of the sweetest gifts this month. It was fun waking up with an extra day to the weekend, another day to take time for me. The weird part? As excited as I was, a funk came over me. I spent most of the day trying to sort it out, and feel MUCH better today. While I know sharing my struggles would help - the words aren't there now - they weren't here yesterday and I'm still searching for them today. My mind and heart feel heavy, yet a bit lighter than yesterday (thankfully). After last week, filled with positivity, optimism and turquoise linings, it was weird to start the week in a funk.

I spent the rest of yesterday enjoying the rain, and trying to find new turquoise linings. Turquoise Lining #1: Use Monday as part of my weekend, and restart my weekly mindset tomorrow.

Side note: It was the weirdest thing yesterday; a sore throat hit in the early afternoon and progressively became worse as the night went on. As we went to get groceries, it just became more tender and a feverish feel came over me as well. I gladly drank tea to soothe my throat, but still woke up this morning with a hurting throat. More tea is on the agenda, and positive thoughts that it is just from doing Murph on Saturday.

In the meantime, here's what Kelsey-ing looks like now and for the week ahead. My sweet friend, Jenna, introduced me to the fun of these posts on her blog - promptly named Jenna-ing .

Making - an effort to stay extra busy today so the day flies on by.

Reading - still on Flexible Dieting 2.0 from Krissy Mae Cagney.

Thinking - about our cozy little apartment.

Drinking - throat coat tea and lots of water.

Writing - this post, among others, for the week ahead.

Bookmarking - lots of blog posts from fellow blends and articles to inspire me more and more.

Marveling - at how much a positive mind works.

Hoping - this sore throat doesn't last too long.

Pinning - blogger recipes.

Loving - my little Lumi kitty and simple dates with Matt.

Obsessing - over the teal/turquoise Nike Metcons being released in July.

Giggling - at cute kitten videos.

Feeling - better after sharing my thoughts.

Disliking - the feeling of there not being enough time in the day.

Wearing - gladiator sandals / gap black pants / express olive green tank / h&m taupe sweater

Admiring - how blessed I am to have amazing friends in my life.

Playing - nothing, but wishing for Netflix.

Planning - out what the week will look like + my packing for my little cities trip this weekend.

Building - my dreams by blogging my thoughts.

Trying - to keep busy and stay positive.

Dreaming - of the weekend ahead in the cities.

Following - a lot of inspiring people, on Instagram and through blogs.

Pondering - what I should do once I get home - sleep or blog.

Needing - to take a step back and really let myself relax more.

Enjoying - the thought of Matt having more weekends off come June.

Waiting - for 5 o'clock to arrive so I can head on home.

Wondering - what the WOD will be tomorrow...

Wishing - for everything to get a bit easier.

Cooking - weekly stir-fries.

Liking - my recent discovery of Zoella on YouTube.

Noticing - how our tree outside is finally getting little buds.

Watching - my words appear on the screen, and wishing it could be Netflix.

Opening - my eyes to the positive today instead of focusing on the negative.

Wanting - to thank all the veterans who have given their lives for our freedom {thank you}.


Pick out one of the above and tell me how your Monday on a Tuesday is going!