05.26.2015 Bridge Built Entry

CLASS WOD A: Max Effort UB Wall Balls (14#)

Result: 38 -- I knew I could have probably reached 45, but the wall ball slipped right out of my hands at 38. Next time!


21 Ring Push-Ups (on knees)

15 Am. KB Swings (35#)

9 Burpees

End Result: 5 rounds flat

I loved this WOD, even with the push-up variation, since those are a weakness of mine at this time. I did all of my KBS unbroken and never rested during the 9 burpees. After getting a sore throat Monday afternoon, and waking up with it today, it still felt great to WOD.

Skill Programming - 1' KTW x8 then 2' KTW x6, with 2 'steps' with hands.

The reps at 1' were great for working on just kissing the wall and not making out with it. The 2' mark was a bit tricky, so I just took as many attempts as I could with trying to walk my hands. The hardest part was letting my legs fall towards the wall. I liked this skill work and plan to incorporate it in when I can.


Sleep / 6.5 hours seems to be the trend when it comes to weekdays + early WODs - and I think that is just fine. I am hoping to get on a schedule where I am getting at least 7, but right now...this is what works.

Nutrition / Because of getting a little sick Monday afternoon, my appetite wasn't that strong. I did just end up having dinner before dozing off on the bench and then getting into bed. Since I still felt the sore throat (pretty bad) this morning, I didn't wake up hungry and just took a Progenex Force before the WOD; I really liked this as a preworkout! I had a Fuel for Fire on my way home, and also had a decent breakfast. My appetite was off, but I knew I had to eat. I skipped out on my morning snack, but did eventually get hungry for lunch. I believe food can be thy medicine, so I am making a point to really choose wholesome foods.