05.23.2015 + (05.24.2015 + 05.25.2015) Bridge Built Entries.

05.23.2015 - Saturday


1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

End Result: ~71:20

How It Went:

All in all, I am glad I went straight through as far as reps go! My only scaling was with the push-ups, which I did on my knees. I know my goal for next year will be to do 200 strict push-ups. As tough as Murph looks, it is a WOD I love doing because of the meaning it holds. By doing ours in a gym of silence, you really have to work with yourself mentally and remember why you choose to do Murph.

The first mile run went awesome. I didn't start fast out of the gate, which was great, and was glad to have Karen as a companion during most of the run. I knew I was better off taking a good pace so I wouldn't burn myself out for the middle section of Murph. Side note: Sunglasses were a grand idea.

My left hand ripped with 3 reps to go, which was after I ditched my Natural Grips. They were starting to warp pretty bad, and I knew I could make it through a bit quicker without them. I tried to at least do two every time, and really tried to hit three.

Because of my arms feeling pretty sore from the workouts leading up to Murph, I decided from the start to scale my push-ups to my knees. My goal here? To keep good form and to just keep moving. I didn't have a rep scheme in mind, and I think this helped me work through it.

As I got to the air squats, I decided to break it into 6 sets of 50 reps. I tried hard to get through each set of 50 and rested in between. The best part? I had a group of my gym family helping me rep for rep to just keep it up. THIS is what Murph is about, and I am thankful every day for the members at our gym I get to call family.

Once the 300 reps were completed, I downed a little bit of water, grabbed my sunglasses and got out the door. My mantra: "Just keep moving". And I did just that. I kept the pace I needed to and didn't stop to walk once. As I came back, I had more buddies to help me finish it out. I came in and collapsed - but I felt amazing.

My goal for 2016 is to finish under an hour and really work hard at my weaknesses.

Sleep / Had a fantastic night of sleep before doing Murph. That is all I have to say!

Nutrition / I only had my Spark and a Clif Builder Bar, and it worked out just fine. I lost track of time at home, and didn't have the resources to get a meal in me that wouldn't upset me for such a long workout, and one with running. I made sure to get in a Progenex Recovery shake and was very aware of making sure I was eating frequently on Saturday.

05.24.2015 / Sunday + 05.25.2015 / Monday

Lots and lots of rest. I was very sore on Sunday, but by keeping myself moving for most of the day, it really helped in not feeling so stiff. We went to Matt's parent's that afternoon, and I also helped in the yard. My arms were the most sore, and were pretty noodly for most of Sunday. It was painful folding laundry and doing simple tasks. On Monday, I stretched a little bit and just attempted even more to loosen up my muscles.

Sleep / Two great nights of sleep. I remember both of the evenings (Saturday + Sunday) feeling pretty exhausted, so getting to bed at a decent time was crucial for me.

Nutrition / Again, good focus on fueling my body. We were pretty low on groceries, so while meals were a bit random and out of the norm, I was still choosing good fuel options and making sure I was getting the nutrition in to help me recover.