05.20.15 + 05.21.15 Bridge Built Entry.

05.20.15 - Wednesday

Forced rest day. After a night of insomnia, then 3ish hours of sleep, it was a given I'd be taking a rest day. I am thankful I am in a place now with my healthy lifestyle where I don't get guilty for taking rest days. Sometimes, whether it is mentally or physically, it is what we really need to become a better athlete.

I am hoping to hone in on what may be causing my insomnia week to week. It is usually only one night, but it tends to always happen on a day I should be training. I spoke with Ryan on Wednesday about it, and made a game plan of what Thursday should look like for me. We also discussed me eating more, and this is the exact reason I am starting flexible dieting.

05.21.15 - Thursday


Hatch: W2, D2

Back squats felt unbelievably heavy. I don't know if it is just because, duh, heavy weights, or if I was feeling fatigued muscles. I was still able to get through all the sets at the correct weights, so they were still decent sets! Also, I put on my weight belt for the last 2 (or maybe it was 3) sets. Front squats felt really good, and I believe I am doing better at keeping my chest up and heels firmly pressed into the ground. Little cues like that seem to stick from the moment I get them, so it feels good to be working through them. I also set the clock so I would be able to keep track of three minutes between sets, and feel it may have helped.


Clean & Jerk, Jerk Balance 3-3-3-3 / Weights built from 55# twice, then 65# & 75#. Ryan marked my footing to try and hit for this drill. For this, your back leg is planted, and you jerk out your front leg to fully hit the bottom of the jerk (in this case, a split jerk). It was awkward to do at first, but by the last two sets, the movement started to feel a lot better. The one cue I was able to get from Ryan was to speed up the dip and jerk movement.


Modified from my original sheet because of time. Did 2 sets of 6 Negative HSPU with an 8" deficit. And dang. They were hard! Kicking up felt weird, but I finally got the hang of it. I have to remember to keep the same speed to the bottom; it was hard because I could just feel my arms give out/fatigue. I definitely really liked this skill work

Nutrition / MUCH better. I thought I would feel hungry this morning, but managed to make it through until I had my recovery shake driving home from the gym. All my meals felt like enough, and I was able to get in snacks when I really needed them. Again, my stomach felt pretty off in the morning again, so I think I may have to start monitoring what I eat before bed and what dinners might be doing for my tummy.

Sleep / 7.5 hours of sleep, and obviously feeling so much better than yesterday. Still not feeling 100%, but a good chunk of sleep was much appreciated. I didn't have any problems falling asleep and woke up when my alarm went off! Hoping a more laidback weekend will help!