A Day in the Life on a Sunday.

I'll admit. I'm pretty curious how we all live our days. Not just bloggers, but everyone. You wonder how your awesome Sunday looks to another person. We all have different standards when it comes to what makes us happy - and that is so awesome. I sometimes get so inspired about how people live their days, to the point where I try to put some activities and intentions in my own days.

So here is how this past Sunday looked around here...


5:45am - Probably up for the day, but right now, just for the bathroom. Honestly, it's like clockwork almost every morning.

2015-05-17 07.13.11

6:10am - Actually get up and get dressed for the day...which means putting on my Wunder Unders and a CrossFit Aerial tee. I start helping with Matt's lunch and do a few dishes.

6:30am - Mix up my first Spark (click for my affiliate site!) of the day.

2015-05-17 07.13.32

6:45am - Matt leaves for work. I start a load of laundry and straighten up around the apartment. How two people can clutter up an apartment in a matter of a few days always surprises me.

7:20am - Draft up this post. Start the Bruce Jenner interview.

2015-05-17 08.02.13

8:30am - Wow. If you haven't watched his interview yet, please do. Beneath everything he said, I learned we are all just human and deserve to live a life where we are loved, no matter what. I put in the last load of laundry and truly get ready...meaning washing my face, dry shampooing my hair. Even though I don't plan on going anywhere, it just feels nice.

9am - Breakfast time! Today = 2 eggs, 2 slices of Canyon Bakehouse GF bread with Peanut Butter & Co.'s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, a GoGoSqueez (because I'm a child at heart), and a few cashews. I also watch an episode of Drop Dead Diva and lounge on our comfy bench.

2015-05-17 09.21.54

10am - More tidying and folding laundry. I find it best to just 'do' when I feel like it, and add in spurts of relaxation when I feel like it. I could bust through and do it all at once, but I find it better this way.

10:40am - I bust out a morning snack. A Cilf Builder bar and a can of Kill Cliff's Berry Legit. Best Sunday snack ever. I contemplate what to do next, and decide to get my planner ready for the week and get through my emails. I just signed up for Eat to Perform, and while it is still feeling like information overload, I'm loving every bit of ETP.

2015-05-17 10.37.48

10:40am-12pm -  Started my CrossFit Diary here on the blog. Caught up on posts on Bloglovin'. Fell into the pit that is Facebook; I swear, this never happens! And then went through my emails. I've made a point to unsubscribe from emails I end up deleting before opening - it is making my inbox seem so much happier.

12pm - Started to make a little lunch. I also decide to immerse myself into two more episode of Drop Dead Diva. What can I say - isn't this what Sundays are for? Especially when a bit rainy? (For lunch, yummy popcorn and a simple turkey wrap with lettuce and mayo)

2015-05-17 12.10.53

1:45pm - Decide to take a Netflix break for dishes. Definitely not a fun or relaxing task, but it is one I like to have done before the week starts on Monday.

2:10pm - I mix my second Spark, the dishes are now drying, and I'm back for more work. Weekends are the only times I can get everything organized, so I embrace it. Plus, the attempt to make more weeknights tech-less feels pretty darn good. Decided on another episode of Drop Dead Diva...for background noise?

2015-05-17 10.44.19

3:40pm - Matt is home from work! We get some snacks and watch an episode of Friends before he heads up to help a bit at his grandma's. I opt to stay home to get "stuff done" and relax before Sunday comes to a close.

4:30pm - The time Matt actually leaves. Unfortunately... I end up just looking at Instagram for some time, before realizing I should enjoy every moment.

5:15pm - Get my act together. Sit up and start chipping away at the last few to-do's in my planner. Listened to some of the mini modules from Dr. Mike T. Nelson. They came with my Eat to Perform membership. Can I just say nutrition fascinates me?

6:15pm - Feeling pretty productive! Caught up on my planner (yay to starting fresh this week - nothing transitioned over) and started to organize my 'bin'. I tend to leave clutter with my notebooks, pens and binders, so I started using a bin in the living room as a catchall. It may have caught too much this week...

6:30pm - Matt is home from his grandma's. Snack time!

2015-05-17 15.06.33

7:30pm - I start to get dinner ready. On the menu tonight: stir fry, with one of our favorite simmer packets, and pork as our meat. It's a long process of cutting veggies and making rice, but definitely worth it!

8pm - Actually sit down with our dinner. We had kitty fiasco #1 right when our food was ready. We put on an episode of Friends (as usual).

2015-05-17 20.00.12

8:45pm - Dinner  is complete, and we are bound to relaxing for the rest of the night. Matt gets on his laptop and I go on to Pinterest for a bit. It had been forever since I had just browsed for the fun of it!

9:10pm - I straighten up a little around the apartment. A bit here and there seems to do wonders, and I like going to bed with a tidy home. We then had kitty fiasco #2 -  Lumi scared herself of the drying sheets/blankets in the sitting room. Who knew huge blanket tents could be so scary! I also have snack, wash up, and eventually brush my teeth.

9:50pm - Crawling into bed, and ready to call it a day. Matt and I start to talk about work weeks around the world, and I find THIS article. Baffles me...really.

10:15pm - Lights out, and I'm zonked. Two thumbs up for no insomnia on a Sunday night!


What's your favorite Sunday activity to relax?

Tell me something about your weekend!