05.19.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD A: Skill Programming Work

x4 of :20 W / :40 R, working on kipping pull-ups [ I did reps of 6-5-4-5]

x5 of 5 assisted strict pull-ups [3 before WOD, 2 after class]

Glad to have more pull-up strength work in my skills. It has been a roadblock in many ways, and actually making the time for it is working (at least I think so!). As much as I think Ryan does all the work on the assisted pull-ups, he does say I'm doing most of the work. That's exactly what I want to hear! Also, my kipping pull-ups felt pretty awesome - my form and technique just felt right!

B: AMRAP Chipper


10 Power Cleans (65#)

100 Single Unders

(rest 1 min.)


10 Wall Balls (14#)

10 Box Jumps (20")

End Result: 3 / 4+7

I sort of loved every part of this WOD! The power cleans felt oddly heavy right, but soon forgot about it once I start pumping through the workout. I really hope DU's click for me soon - I'm a little sick of single unders. Wall balls and box jumps felt super strong, and I kept an awesome pace for those last five minutes.

Sleep / I passed out once I was in bed, and had a solid night of sleep. Again, only around 6.5hours, but I did accomplish my goal of wanting to be in bed by 10:15. Setting a goal like this, and changing it to a bit earlier might get me to bed even earlier, which would be amazing. I woke up ready to head to the gym and WOD.

Nutrition / Thankfully, my sort of hungry stomach as I was trying to go to bed last night wasn't much of a thing this morning. Just had my Spark before the WOD and called it good! After the WOD, I experienced a yucky stomach, but I am thinking it is from what we had for dinner + working out. The rest of my eats were decent for the day. Stomach definitely was happier with simple eats, so that was good! Trying to be more mindful about reading for NO DAIRY.