05.17.2015 + 05.18.2015 CrossFit Entries.

05.17.2015 - Sunday

Rest day.

05.18.2015 Monday


For Time:

5 Snatches

10 Bar Over Burpees

10 Snatches

20 Bar Over Burpees

15 Snatches

30 Bar Over Burpees

End Result: TIME - 12:22

Extra Skill: Max Effort Double Unders -- 4 (small victories!)

Sleep / 6.5hours, which is not as much as I would have liked, but is better than past Sunday nights. I woke up quite easily, but was definitely slower moving than usual. Sleep upon arriving at the gym, but felt more awake as I moved and had Spark

Nutrition / A little bit of a wonky stomach before class, and was a bit hungry. The Spark helped a little, but I probably could have had a bigger snack before bed.


Hatch: W2, D1

Accidentally started out front squats with back squat weights, but restarted to get back on track with the right squat and weights. All the squats felt decent, except the last 1-2 sets of both; they just felt heavy (which is obviously the point). I focused on digging my heels down in both squats, and pushing my focus up to keep my chest up. Focusing on something small around/above me helped. On the front squats, I also worked on getting the bar to roll back on my fingers and rest on my throat - which isn't the most comfortable position


Snatch Push Press: 5-5-5-5 / Built up from 55#, to 65#, 85# and 90#. My right shoulder was stiff and creaky at the start with this movement, but started to feel better as it moved through the position. Ryan pushed to have me put more weight on, and it felt good to be close to my 1RM push press on this!


x8 of 5 T2B, with ~:10sec. rest in between each set

My form/rhythm has always felt a bit off with T2B (it is similar to my kipping pull-ups as well). Ryan and Michael had me change the way I kicked my legs up, and it did wonders! Ryan also had me look at the rhythm Robbie was hitting at the bottom, by trying to smooth it out. It felt good to finally have a cue or two that clicked, instead of just being told my rhythm is off. I'm excited to take these cues into practicing them more, and hopefully with more strength work, be able to link more during actual WODs!

Goal Work

Ryan edited my goal programming. In his words, they gave me more to bite off that I could chew, so we had to scale a few days of my programming. I am not discouraged at all, since the updates are more at my current level, or will help me to continue moving up. Most of the updates were for handstand walks and HSPU's.

I did: x6 :15sec hand-to-hand transfer (in a handstand against the wall) / It was originally at x3 for :30, but my wrist was acting up so I decide to lessen the time upside down. I definitely am starting to feel more comfortable shifting my weight while upside down.

Nutrition / I could have used another snack at work before coming to the gym. I was still feeling a bit hungry, but once I started squatting, it went away. Taking my Spark in the later bit of the afternoon still left me feeling energized when I arrived at the gym. I also ate a rice krispie treat, and realized after the fact there was milk in it. This explained my stomach ache throughout the afternoon at work. Note to self: ALWAYS read the darn labels! Came home and ate stir fry for dinner - sushi rice, with pork, zucchini, carrots, snap peas and green onions in a moroccan tange simmer sauce. So. Good.

Sleep / Goal is to be in bed by 10:15pm.