05.16.2015 CrossFit Entry

Saturday Sport Class WOD


30 Box Jump Overs (30"/24")

30 Deadlifts (135#)

40 T2B/K2E

30 Deadlifts

30 Box Jump Overs

Strengths - Efficient and can keep a pace when it comes to box jump overs; higher than usual for box height but shouldn't affect. Deadlifts have good form; still working on heavier weights during WODs.

Weaknesses - T2B; only able to link two before having to rest. Know this is primarily related to upper body strength, not technique.

Game Plan: 1) Just keep moving during box jump overs and keep a good pace. 2) Break up the deadlifts into reps of 5, knowing that this will help to keep grip strength for the T2B. 3) Keep up with 2 reps and rest for T2B.

End Result - 100 reps (just through the T2B)

How It Went: 

My plan for not resting during the box jump overs and breaking up the deadlifts worked remarkably well. My form never suffered during the deadlifts. T2B plan worked well, but took up most of the 10 AMRAP time. Felt I made a good plan for this WOD, and wouldn't changed anything.

What I Learned: After talking with Mark, we were able to break down how long it took me to get through each movement of the WOD. I was able to move quickly through the box jump overs and deadlifts, and around 5 minutes, I started the T2B. They took me the remainder of the WOD. I know to do 40 T2B, it takes me around 5 minutes, which is a good baseline to have. We talked about walking away from the bar during deadlifts, to help with relaxing. He noticed I was tensing up through my upper body and only breathing through my chest. We found it will be good for me to work on breathing through my belly during WODs and also giving brief moments of relaxation. During deadlifts, it will be key to remember to keep my big toe planted while my heels are driving into the ground. For the future on working for strength with T2B, it will be a good goal to try to link reps of 3, then reps of 4, and so on.

Skill of the Day: 

x4, 20 shoulder taps / We took this from a previous day because we felt it would be the best with how fatigued my upper body felt. I attempted them against the wall, but still need to build up strength. Scaled to feet on the box, and did two sets in that position. A third set was done in the plank position, trying to minimize movement of the trunk/hips. Keep a good plank position, having a wide stance and holding a strong core made it difficult, but also gave great body awareness for the future when up against the wall. I did a fourth set at home that day, in the plank position.

Outside of the Gym

Nutrition / Felt great going into the WOD. Didn't have a big breakfast, so it may have helped slightly with energy. Didn't have a starving feeling at all, so that is good. Had a Progenex recovery shake after class, and immediately felt better. Made sure to go home and eat.

Sleep / Great! I was up at 6am, but got 6.5 hours of sleep. On the shorter side of what I normally like to have, but my energy still felt great!