Thinking Out Loud #3

I apologize for the lack of photos; after a tough sport class last night, I was able to muster up eating dinner before officially zonking out for the night. Cheers to all the words! 


1. Can you look at this beautiful theme?! I realized my initial theme didn't have the option of page tabs (insert sad face). I could create them, but they were nowhere to be found once I hit publish; it was a WordPress mystery. But this theme?  It is pretty darn close to what I envision once I hire a designer to really establish a brand for me. I love the simplicity it brings, but also the pop of turquoise I want! Let me know what you think below!

2. This week we started our Sport programming... And oh my, so many squats! Even though Monday night felt a bit rough, I am beyond excited I chose to commit to this membership. I can only imagine great progress as my new CrossFit journey unfolds. I'll let you know in a few weeks how I'm holding up after so many front and back squats. Chances are, the 'strength is booty, booty is strength' is really going to make itself known.

3. No plans this weekend (!!!) and I'm more than excited to just lay low at home. If it's cold and rainy? You know I'll be embracing it! I will need to resist making a list of "things to do". Sometimes those little lists can be a good thing; but sometimes, they are just too much and take away from the fact I should be recouping for the week ahead.

4. Major goal for this week? Listen to MORE Girls Gone WOD Podcast! I get behind on listening, and it makes me a little sad! So I'm vowing to try and catch up through the end of the weekend. =) First up - Episode 89...from March 14th. Weird to think we had all just suffered through 15.3 - the WOD with all.the.wallballs.

5. Also, more YouTube watchin'! Favorites at the moment include two amazing bloggers-gone-YouTubers, Brittany and Ashley, as well as Zoella ; just found her a week or so ago because of learn about "Girl Online", her best-selling novel! I used to think it was crazy to follow and subscribe religiously to some YouTubers - and now I understand. It is being able to connect with people on another level - I love it! I procrastinated falling asleep on Tuesday night so I could watch some videos.

6. Can I just say again how darn happy I am I have Spark back in my life?! I'm appreciating the little boost it gives me right around 5am for CrossFit.

7. This week, in particular, I am missing the randomness of my job at the hospital. While I never loved working 2-8pm, sometimes having 3 random days off in a row (and in the middle of the week) was super nice! Obviously, this is something I look back on and appreciate now more than when it was reality. But some days, I just miss having a random Wednesday off. Alas, I do love knowing I have every weekend off, no matter what, with my current job.

8. I decide to take off Wednesday morning from CrossFit because of sore muscles; I honestly can't remember the last time my upper body was this sore (I blame all the push-ups on Monday). And while it is hard to rest some days, this time it definitely wasn't. My body needed rest, so of course I listened. Not only that, but I was able to blog a little (wrote most of this post) and work through our sink full of dishes (it never ends...).

9. Just made a girls' date with some of my gym ladies on Friday morning for breakfast - so.stoked. Give me a cinnamon roll from Duluth Grill, and I'm pretty much the happiest person EVER.

10. OH, and here is a casual update on my transition to Flexible Dieting (I'm using Krissy Mae Cagney and Eat to Perform as resources)... I'm so excited on what's to come. I'm in a bit of an information overload phase, but considering nutrition is one of my favorite topics - I love it all.

Best remedy for sore muscles?

Any big weekend plans for you?