Fearless Wonder.

Am I the only one who is finding it odd I'm experience writer's block so soon after starting a new blog? I imagined I would be so inspired, and eager to share my thoughts with all of you with a fresh start. But every time I sign into my admin to start a new post - my mind seems blank. Yes, my draft folder is full of ideas here and there, but I feel each post is pretty similar to the last. And it is okay. I have to live with the truth - everything in life isn't as easy as we always hope it will be. So here I am, sorting through my thoughts on a new blog and rambling them out as they come. I want ATL to be a place where I can feel completely comfortable sharing all thoughts, no matter what the posts look like. This shouldn't be as hard as my mind is making it; blogs are mostly created to be a place to journal out your thoughts and show them to the world around you.

What I believe I need to work through is the fear...

Fear that each post needs to be perfect.

Fear that, because something I publish, may not get any comments.

Fear that I still don't know what pattern I need/want to follow.

And really, just typing it out makes me feel better. There is a moment as a blogger where you want to be doing your best possible; to show the road as easy and seamless. But it is not the truth. Being open to disclosing your life online is hard, and sometimes, just plain weird. I agree more so with the latter right now, so here is me embracing the weird. But more importantly, this is me being the most authentic version of myself. Perfection is a silly thought in our minds, and it is crazy for me to think of this blog as being perfect. I know other areas of my life aren't, and hey yo, that's fine. No one is perfect. My word for 2015, whether I shared it publicly or not, is Authentic. Throughout 2014, I was working through 'Simplify' -- moving from living a simplified life to an authentic seemed to be the natural transition to become more solid in knowing who I am.

I'm ready to work through the mind blocks and just be me. I want to connect with so many people, and the only true way to do so is by being myself 100%. So here's to sharing whatever comes to mind, no matter what. My only standard for myself is making sure I proofread for errors; others, nothing will be off limits.

And I love that idea.


Just your thoughts today; I'd love to hear them!