Thinking Out Loud #2

Back and ready for another ToL post with Amanda! I'm a lover of rambling; remember my last blog, Ramblings of Change? So doing the ToL posts each weeks make it easy to get a post up since I just ramble away. It has been a trying week so far (as I type this up on Wednesday), so I'm trying my hardest to find the turquoise linings this week and stay positive no matter what. Without further ado, let the rambling begin!


1. I had a sad night of insomnia this week from Tuesday to Wednesday. Didn't truly fall asleep until after 2:30am, and when I woke up and turned off my Sleep Cycle alarm, I clocked in about 3ish hours. Yuck. The funny part? My boss mentioned at work I looked quite 'chipper' (#win). My guess would be if the insomnia repeats tonight (Wednesday), Thursday won't look as chipper!

2015-05-06 16.13.38


2015-05-06 16.13.34

2. And let me be grateful I had money on my Starbucks app this morning - hello iced white chocolate mocha, half the syrup, with coconut milk! I'll forever be thankful for my blend Julianna for 1) posting a photo of this coffee on Twitter and 2) giving me the deets. I am certain this could be my forever order when it comes to iced mochas. I had to talk myself out of going back after work for a Oprah cinnamon chai tea latte.

2015-05-06 08.46.56-1

3. Off the topic of sleep and caffeine... Can someone please order this crop for me. Obviously because doughnuts and deadlifts are a match made in heaven AND its mint. Gosh, a tank after my own heart.

2015-05-06 13.19.06

4. This past weekend, I finally watched "Fed Up". Let's just say after it ended, I was in a bit of shock. We are all so immersed into the lies of the food industry, and when the truth finally comes out, all you felt was anger. My heart goes out to all the children featured in the film. We have to realize the decisions we make for our children will continue to affect them for the rest of their lives. And now I promptly want to throw away all the junk in my life. At the same time - what's wrong with a treat?

5. All is well in the world this week since I was FINALLY able to order some Spark and Catalyst! Ah, feels good to know I'll have some awesome morning energy for my WODs again. It had been rough the past few weeks. After going this long without it, I know now the magical powers of having Spark in my life. Contact me if you have any questions about AdvoCare - comment below and we can connect!

6. My beautiful blend, Gracie, posted this week about how to make a personal mission statement. I was immediately inspired, and plan to share mine in the coming week (if it's done!). As much as we all believe we know who were, actually writing out how I would want others to describe me, or what fulfills me, helped me feel more grounded in my journey of becoming a health and CrossFit coach.

2015-05-05 20.57.04

7. Tonight = family dinner at the Tibodeau's! With my momma oh so far away in Florida, I cherish the nights Meg has us over for dinner. Never underestimate what a little family time can do for the soul. Now here's to hoping there are ribs on the menu tonight...


Have you considered writing a mission statement of your own?

Any sleep tricks you have to pass on - an insomnia night a week is getting old.