It's Currently / May 2015

Anyone who has a blog knows it becomes a scrapbook of sorts. As you click back into the archives, you find little bits and pieces of your past. I think it is what makes the blogging community so wonderful. Even if we come to a point of feeling like we are a better version of ourselves than we were a year ago, we can look back and see where we were in life. I'm proud of my past, no matter how dark and painful and weak some of those moments made me feel. They have all come together to make me into the stronger person I am today. Amanda has always done these "currently" posts at the beginning of the month, and I always loved seeing where she was at month to month. So without further ado, here is what May looks like for me...


Current Book: FD 2.0: A Flexible Nutrition Philosophy for the Modern Athlete. I have been struggling to find a way of fueling my body when it comes to CrossFit, and flexible dieting is presenting itself as the best route possible. When it comes down to IIFYM and Zone, the numbers end up screwing up my mind, and negative thoughts become pretty prominent. Considering Krissy Mae Cagney wants to dispel these thoughts with her book, I know following her plan will ultimately lead me in the right direction for me.

Current Music: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. I'm a sucker for anything with a good beat.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple & organic vanilla wafers. I recently tried the new and improved flavor, and I think it is amazing. I'm actually not certain if they changed anything in the recipe, or just the look of the container, but it is amazing no matter what. Side note: dark chocolate Justin's peanut butter cups mesh well with the ice cream.


Current Nail Color: Bare. I've meant to paint them over the weekend, but the moment usually presents itself with a kitten napping on me. #priorities

Current Drink: Water, almost all the time. As of late, I haven't been having my usual Spark, just because money had other priorities, like food. But, no fear! I put in an Advo order on Monday & it will be here tomorrow! If you have any AdvoCare questions - please feel free to ask!




Current Food: Darn frozen waffles. I've bought the Van's or Nature Path brands, and have loved them just a bit. They've kind of are the best thing ever.

Current Obsession: Nutrition. Hence the recent book I mentioned above, and downloading ebooks from Eat to Perform as well. And catching up on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast. I had been missing Joy and Claire so much!


Current Wish: For a four-day weekend. Doesn't that just sound glorious?

Current Need: A more consistent sleep schedule. Last night was finally over 7 hours of sleep, so I'm glad to have broken the 5-6 hour trend from last week.

Current Triumph: PR-ing my front squat yesterday at 150#. When you are at least shooting for 125#-135#, hitting 150# feels pretty darn awesome.

Current Bane of My Existence: The darn dishes. I don't know what it is, but how we manage to pile up so many dishes baffles me.

Current Indulgence: Sweets after dark. Seriously. I don't think the sweet tooth has ever been so strong. I'm embracing it and just having a little here and there. Especially when it means a date with some of my CrossFit Aerial ladies.


Current Procrastination: Calling IIN to talk about their health coaching program. It has been on my mind for so long, and I know my fear to call  lies in not being able to make it work right away. Not that money is everything, but when your dreams need funding to halfway come true, it does seem to make the process harder.

Current Blessing: Seeing my mom, sister and nieces last week. It was so nice to have all of us ladies together. And I already miss them all being in Duluth.

Current Excitement: The month of May! There is a lot going on for my weekends, and it is fine by me! This weekend is my good friend Catherine's birthday bachelorette party, so it is bound to be a fabulous Friday night! Other events this month include a wedding for Matt's cousin, CrossFit regionals (and seeing friends!) in Minneapolis, the Memorial Day Murph WOD at CrossFit Aerial...the list seems to just go on and on!

Current Mood: Stressed, if it is considered a mood, but calm at the same time. I've been more conscious about staying positive and calm as of late, but sometimes the stress just seeps in and cannot be helped right in the moment. I'm now repeating "you are too blessed to be stressed" in my head #turquoiselining (ps, iced coffees help in these situations)


Current Link: This article from A Little Opulent on Five Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care. These types of articles are probably my favorite to stumble on when I am reading through blog posts on Bloglovin (follow me!).


What is your current: for me?

...blessing? & drink?