Thinking Out Loud #1

Do you ever have those weeks that just drag you down, and by the time Friday comes, you are just exhausted? That was me last week - that fact was established when I passed out in the living room early in the evening. I'm just glad my body waited until the weekend to let the exhaustion hit, or I think the end of last week would have been more rough. This week is much better on the energy front. Yes, I have started out the week with a little less sleep than I would like, but I am making sure to stay positive and choosing joy when I can. Those two simple decisions make it much easier to live through the work week.

A little extra bonus? My momma is in MN for the week from Florida and it makes my heart soar! She and my oldest niece stopped by my work on Tuesday, and it made my entire day! I'm so thankful I was able to spend time with them.

Enough with the rambling intro - it's time to link up with Amanda so I can put some numbers on my thoughts.

1. I'm definitely noticing that it is a bit of an adjustment to a new blog. And while I sometimes open up to write a post and feel like I have nothing to say, I realize that I am just so excited I don't know where to begin! I just want to thank everyone for following me over to my new little internet home. It truly means the world!


2. I'm officially a sport level athlete at my gym, and I'm so excited for what my CrossFit future holds. It has been awesome so far to have 2 weekdays to come in and work on extra strength, little skills, and talk about what we want for personal goals. Plus, we have a Saturday class to help us better analyze how to approach a WOD, which will be especially helpful for competitions (which I hope to do more of!). We also are lucky to have a combine with this membership, which just means we get a day with a few sessions to get evaluated on different aspects of CrossFit.

3. Despite trying my hardest to stick to a budget, these lovely gems just shouted out to me at DSW; they are the ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker. Plus, I had a coupon so they pretty much had me convinced right away that I was buying them. Mint? Totally my jam. As well as teal and turquoise, but those are minor details.


4. Dinner last night was at Va Bene with my momma and was amazing. Hands down, probably our favorite restaurant in Duluth! I am so excited I was able to share this beautiful meal with my momma as well. We shared goat cheese & pear crostinis with honey as an appetizer. For the main meal, I had the Ripallo Pesto (homemade basil pesto, with roasted potatoes, asparagus, and penne pasta). My mom had the Mahi Mahi and Matt had the Noce E Pera. It was a meal to remember

IMG_7376   IMG_7377

5. After our first combine last Saturday, I proudly PR'd my strict press (at 95#) and back squat (at 175#)! My deadlift hit its plateau (at 205#) and that's fine by me! It took me a long time to move up from 195#, so I'm perfectly content to keep on working my weakness, which is strength?

We also tested max box jump height (35 1/2 in.); 1min. max effort burpees (23); max effort unbroken HSPU & handstand walk (1/2 a HSPU today - most progress I've made and definitely on the top of my goal list! HS walk is N/A at the moment...another skill to work on!); and the dreaded BEEP test (9 - while running into the cold window...hello asthma!).

Lastly was Grace - 30 Clean & Jerks (for time) at 95#. My time? 4:39 - 3 minutes faster than my last Grace in September. I was just a little bit stoked...

6. I still cannot believe some days that we have this little kitten in our lives. Despite her crazy antics and nibbling little mouth, she's the best kitty ever.


7. Lastly, to finish off with a crazy craving. I've been missing my Spark {click to find my site!} the past few weeks, so coffee cravings are coming back a little bit. I had been wanting something with white chocolate and caramel...and Perk Place delivered! This was a cold press with both flavors, as well as a splash of almond milk. Craving = satisfied. And I'm already planning a date for myself this weekend {thanks for the inspiration Julianna!}


What is your favorite coffeehouse drink? 

Any new PR's this week, in life or fitness?