Lately I've Been...

Here I sit, trying to figure out a way to connect. To connect with your lovely faces. But through that process, I'm thinking about how I should be tidying up the apartment for my mom's pending visit. I'm also thinking about how I should get my lunch together for tomorrow and pick out my WOD gear...oh, and a work outfit too.

This fresh start is truly what I wanted, and I'm so happy I jumped right in. Starting a blog on a random weekday night? Best decision ever. Life's too short to not follow your heart. If I was still writing over on RoC, I'd have guilt rush over me as I miss a few days here and there between posts. But here? I'm happy. And I'm merely just trying to flush thoughts out of my mind so I can focus on the moments that truly matter. So as I stop my rambling, here is what I've been doing lately. Shout out to my ladies Colleen & Gracie for originally sharing these posts!

Making / more time to blog and reconnect into this amazing community ; also, recipes that I pin (crazy, right?)

Cooking / lots of stir fries for dinner...because sushi rice is the

Drinking / mostly water, with chai lattes and FitAid here and there ; may I also mention that I love the new Berry Legit from Kill Cliff?

Reading / blogs mostly, but at night, I pick up my Kindle to read "If I Stay" ; and as of today, Krissy Mae Cagney's Flexible Dieting 2.0 is added to that list.

Wanting / a long weekend with no plans, aka this coming weekend.

Looking / forward to seeing my mom, sister and nieces this week! Missed all of their darling faces. 

Playing / post-it toss with the kitten. It's her fav. 

Wasting / more time than usual with Insta. I need a bit of a detox. Seriously.

Sewing / nada - but my mom and I are going to pick out quilt fabric for THIS diy by A Beautiful Mess.

Wishing / coffee dates with far away friends would be easier.

Enjoying / the time I've been making to journal here and there ; plus, my new sport level membership at CrossFit Aerial #inlove

Waiting / for that first summer-like weekend, with grilling and everything. Or a girls' night with some of my CFA ladies.

Liking / my 5:20am CrossFit WOD- never thought the day would come!

Wondering / what my future holds as I start following my coaching dreams.

Loving / my simple little life -- it's what makes me jump, or should I say stumble, out of bed in the morning.

Hoping / to make the most of my mom being in Minnesota and my sister being here from the Twin Cities.

Marveling / over how cute my littlest niece is and how smart my favorite niece is...but really, they will both be my favorite littlest nieces.

Needing / more WOD clothes. Budgets are hard.

Smelling / steak and sesame soba noodles. *insert heart-eyed emoji*

Wearing / Madill sweats. CFA hoodie. Hot pink tank. #fashionable #nailedit

Following / some pretty amazing ladies on Insta (click to follow me!) and on their blogs. Never thought a community could inspire me so much.

Noticing / that my hair is already growing?!

Knowing / who I am and being proud of the person I've become over the past 2 years.

Thinking / about the goals I have for CrossFit.

Feeling / calm.

Bookmarking / all.the.articles. Pocket is my new favorite app!

Opening / my heart to be more calm and less stressed.

Giggling / about how crazy kittens can be.


Choose three things you've been doing lately and share them with me!