A Silver Lining.

Sometimes you need a fresh start. And that's okay.

Welcome to A Turquoise Lining, my new corner of the internet.


As I have attempted to simplify my life and fill each day with positivity and joy, I felt myself growing away from Ramblings of Change. I had a strong desire to start fresh. I wanted to remake my place in this community to what I have always dreamed it of being. RoC continually felt like the foundation was cracking. As much as I tried to fix the cracks, it just never felt...right.

But this does. And honestly, it has been a long process.

At the start of 2015, I wanted a new blog. RoC honestly didn't feel like me in any way. And that meant I had little to no motivation to post on it. It wasn't because I had writer's block, or no ideas; it felt like I wasn't holding true to why I had started RoC.

When I found the blogging world, healthy living blogs drew me in, and I'll always be grateful for that. They helped me heal from disordered eating and opened my mind to a new kind of healthy. I was convinced RoC was my 'forever' place in the blogging world - talking about workouts, what I was eating and all other random thoughts about healthy living. This is still a huge part of my life, but it isn't all that matters. So yes, I'll talk about CrossFit here and there, as well as my journey on finding the right way to fuel my body. But that won't be everything. This is only the beginning.

My heart is so grateful I have an opportunity to start fresh; that A Turquoise Lining can be my fresh start.

Why the name?

Silver Linings Playbook changed my way of thinking. I know it sounds a little kooky, but it helped me find a way of living with anxiety & depression. I never knew it could be as simple as finding the silver lining, or as Bradley Cooper would say, reaching the place of excelsior in life. It hit home, and still does. I could watch SLP every day and still wouldn't get sick of it.

And why the turquoise?

If you didn't know already, teal is my jam (no really, I have custom Nano's that are 95% teal). As I was brainstorming names with my best, Laura, I liked the idea of something about a silver lining...but I just couldn't get the wording right. When she suggested switching out silver with turquoise - I knew that was it. I was immediately in love. It had a ring of simplicity, yet it was still unique to me; turquoise felt more elegant than teal, and I loved that. Most importantly, it allowed me to blog about anything -- because there is always a turquoise lining, even on the darkest of days.

So thank you. I'm so excited for the journey ahead!