hello there,

you beautiful human.


I'm Kelsey.

A twenty-something living in Duluth, Minnesota, with her man and her kitten, whose passion in this world is to change lives of others.

From when I can remember others asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I could never seem to find the right answer. But, if that question could have been changed into what do I wanted to do when I grow up, my answer was - and continues to be - to help others. 

Jamie Mendell, whose words have always inspired me, once shared a statement that has resonated with me on the impact I hope to contribute to this crazy, beautiful life:

"Create an environment that supports the woman you want to be."

It encompasses so well how I will establish an environment for women to come to, as well as have it work towards helping me find out more of who I am. We all have the ability to learn from one another, and I do believe we are the best teachers for one another when it comes to living through our lives.