Giving Myself a Little Rest.

Last Monday, I committed to taking a full month off from CrossFit. While it almost felt like the hardest and scariest decision in one moment, it really wasn't. It made sense and it had been on my mind for a few weeks. Right now, it still seems kind of hard to describe why and also how I'm feeling. In short, it just feels right. It feels so needed in every part of my mind, my body, and my soul.

Right now:

My mind feels clear. A weight has left my shoulders. The time I need for me is there. Little changes I've thought about for months are finally happening. More emotions are coming in and out of my body. I'm looking into myself and learning more about me.

I'm finding more confidence in every decision I make. I am worrying less and less about the opinions of others. My gut and intuition are getting the best of my attention. I finally starting a meditation practice. My heart feels good.

It feels like so much has happened. Four days has felt like two weeks, and excitement for how much transformation and clarity will come in a month. The emotions come and go on whether I made the 'right' decision. But that's just it. In this life, it is hard to imagine we can only categorize decisions between right and wrong. In a matter of a day, one simple decision can waver in your mind as being right, and then pendulum back with the thought of being wrong. It truly comes down to what you know is right in your gut and supporting yourself through all of the emotions.

Each day, there has been confirmation I made the right decision for me. I found an article I pulled out of a magazine about a year ago about overtraining, and needing to take rest. I've had conversations with multiple friends who are being 100% supportive. My friend Madison shared this blog post with me, and it brought tears to my eyes. That's how real this has all been. That's how much this was needed.

Going into what I took away from her post, listening to my gut was the biggest indicator for this time of rest. I just had a feeling it was something I needed to do because what I currently was doing didn't feel right for me. For something with a creative mind, I had nothing in me to create. Since embracing rest, my mind is filling up with ideas and finding inspiration every day.

I knew my gut was onto something.

It came down to figuring out my feelings. As scary as this is to type, before taking this break, I wasn't feeling anything. Because my mind was caught up in waking up early, making sure I got enough sleep and keeping the rest of 'life' together, my feelings weren't getting the attention they desperately needed. In the past few days, I've felt joy and happiness, but I've also been able to let feelings come as they choose. The most random of things in my life have brought tears to my eyes, and I'm embracing it to it's fullest.

The last portion deserves its own space for thought. What it came down to was feeling weak at my core. For me, this meant not letting myself decide what was essential for me in life. Right now, nothing is more important than taking the time to recover my body fully and to make other loves, like blogging, a higher priority. It is hard to explain how much I wanted to be writing, but could never manage to make it essential. My core needs to build upon its essentials to put strength back into my life. Life felt like this:

You see, if we say YES to something that we aren’t really wanting to do, but we feel obligated to do it because of whatever reason, that means in a round-about way that you are saying NO to something much more important to you.

That is what it came down to. I was at a point where my mind felt foggy with everything. I was craving clarity. With where things were at, I just couldn't seem to find it for myself.

And because I decided to give myself a just a little grace (and a whole lot of love), I'm coming out each day stronger. As I said to my dear friend Mary, it feels like I'm standing in and stepping into my own power by doing this. By really truly listening; not only to my body, but my mind & soul as well.

peonies - from roses

Blogmas Day 10 / Thinking Out Loud #8

Can someone please explain to me why last tonight feels like a Friday? Seriously. I don't know what happened at the start of this week for life to get so thrown off. By 10pm, I'm usually either fast asleep or definitely getting droopy eyes whilst lying in bed. Not the case last night. I was wide awake - and totally owning it. Since today is my rest day, going to bed early wasn't as crucial as on the days when I have to wake up at 4:35am. But let's get right to it - no reason to delay any longer! Thinking-Out-Loud2

[Thanks for hosting Amanda!]

1 - I'm not one to make lofty New Year's resolutions, with the reason being I become completely discouraged when I don't carry out exactly what I had planned out. And while wasting my energy on being upset, I'm missing what is happening around me, and, more importantly, living in the present and being content with who I am as I am. Instead, I pick a word to build and live my year around. I think I've finally decided on my word for 2016, and I can't wait to share it with you on January 1st!

2 - Sleep has been a little odd this week. Even though I'm getting around 7 hours each night (despite waking up at 4:35am), I can't seem to shake the sleep out of my system. You know how baby's go through sleep regression early on? I feel like my body is having its own little regression this week, and not giving me the rest I would like to feel at the gym in the morning. I'm hoping by having a rest day today, it might level out my sleep a little. [update: I don't really think it did...]

3 - This Saturday, CrossFit Aerial (my gym!) is hosting Sam & Jenn Dancer for a SAMINAR! I'm beyond excited to spend six hours with them, and not just for learning how to move better, but to also learn more about just living better. After hearing Sam on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast a few weeks ago, I can't wait to hear him talk in person.

4 - Never been one to get done with my Christmas shopping early, but it certainly looks like that will be happening this year! I definitely need to keep in mind next year to get ready to do a lot of it over the weekend following Thanksgiving. [ link! ]

5 - Honestly, who would've thought by accepting the challenge of Blogmas this year, it would actually spark more inspiration for writing more than ever? I am thoroughly enjoying getting posts ready for the future. And while I could share them during the next 14 days, some of these posts deserve their own light, instead of sharing the spotlight with Blogmas.

6 - Another update from the blog side of life: I am joining in for TBP Blog Challenge 2016 [join in here]...and I CANNOT wait. While both of these challenges have brought up some fear in me, by jumping in and doing them, I am surprising myself. I just have to realize my confidence and own it.

7 - And here is me leaving. I'm hoping to tidy up our apartment before getting ready and heading off to work for the day. A little clutter doesn't really bother me too much, but it has gotten to the point where it is everywhere and, truth be told, it is making me a little anxious. So let's get about remedying that! See you tomorrow my friends!


What sort of plans do you have this weekend? 

Are you feeling the effects of an off-week this week? 

The New Year - do you make resolutions or focus on one word all year? 

Blogmas Day 3 / Thinking Out Loud #7

Quite a few numbers to round out a title, eh? Wanted to keep things mentally organized for myself and for the blog. Trust me - it will always be better this way. Oh, and I apologize for the random/lack of photos in these posts. Something goofy is going on between MacBook and iPhone, which I'm planning to resolve this weekend. In the meantime, I'll work with what I've got! But without further ado, lets just get to the thinking out loud. Don't want to waste any good thoughts in the intro! If this sounds foreign to you, go and visit Miss Spoons' blog for a little update on what ToL is all about.


1 - Blogmas is going amazing. Yes, it's only day 3,  but considering I'm planned out until midweek of next week, I think I'm doing well. I honestly think my mind just needed a little challenge to actually follow through on finishing drafts of posts.

2 - Sometimes it takes being without heat for almost 24 hours for you to really appreciate how amazing it is. After our apartment turned into an icebox on Monday night, it was glorious to come home after work Tuesday to a warm home. Even Matt commented how lovely it is to come home to the warmth.

3 - Wednesday morning I woke up right at 4am. Which I guess was a bit of a blessing, since I didn't set my alarm if I had wanted to head to the gym. After falling asleep in our living room for about four hours, and then heading to bed for another four, my mind was just ready to wake up. So I did - and got a lot done. I caught up on YouTube while meal prepping, washed dishes and managed to tidy up a little as well!

4 - I have somehow been able to find energy after work, when in the past, I would just collapse into a sleepy heap on the comfy bench in our living room. I don't know if it is a change in mindset, with the knowledge that I can do what I put my mind to, but it is greatly appreciated. Certainly hoping it lasts through the rest of the week!

5 - Something really has gotten me into the spirit of Christmas, and I spent a good 10 minutes after work today looking for a Christmasy phone case - Casetify might be seeing some business from me in the future.

6 - While still staying on the Christmas thought, I've been really good about wrapping each present right away when I get it. I used to wait until the last-minute, and it always gave me a little anxiety and a lot of dread. But considering it takes less than five minutes in most cases to wrap a present, I've been rolling with that. Plus, it will make our Christmas tree look more festive...once I buy some battery-operated lights. Let me tell you, it is sometimes rough living in an older home. One outlet per room just doesn't cut it for the 21st century!

7 - I could use a stay-cation right now. Some people dream of vacation in the tropics, or at least in a new place, but I'd be perfectly content to spend 10 days at home, just relaxing and doing what makes me über happy. Maybe this will be one of my goals for 2016 - even though I stopped making New Year's resolutions a couple years ago...


How do you deal with your Christmas presents - right away or later; wrapping paper or gift bags? 

If you had to choose right at this moment - staycation or vacation? 

Have you ever woken up at a crazy, early time and felt über productive? 



Own My October.

It's true. I totally fell off the face of the earth.


Okay - so it isn't exactly all true. I'm still here, still living life. I'm getting up each morning and getting to the gym, getting myself to work, and making sure I'm home to have dinner with my love. The only thing that didn't happen in the month of September?

Blogging. And it makes my little blogger heart sad. Weekends were all busy and out-of-town - no joke - and during the week, I was trying to recover from the weekend, plus just do normal weekly things (clean a little, recharge after work, eat food, CrossFit...). Opening up my computer after work never sounded appealing for some reason, so I went with it. Which also led to an obnoxious amount of blog posts in my Bloglovin' reader (and I still can't bring myself to click 'mark all as read' - I'm determined!). I think the month of September truly taught me how important self-care is for me. It is obviously so important for all of us to embrace self-care, but it has become something in my life, when neglected, I get more anxiety and more depressive thoughts. And that, my friends, is no bueno.

As I opened up my Timehop on this lovely October First, I saw a trend...

I'm in love with October. I found it funny there was a post going almost 5 years back about how much I love October and how much I consider it a fresh start in my life. And I loved that. It inspired me to make some changes for myself this month, and to open up my admin site to bring my thoughts to you. Last year, and possibly the year earlier, I started using the hashtag #OwnMyOctober on my Instagram postings.

It's making a comeback in 2015. As I go through trying to do #100happydays, I'm going to start sharing the ways I'm going to #OwnMyOctober as well. I'm quite certain it will help me focus on the positive and leave the negative out. It has been so important to me to share parts of life that are inspiring and positive. I try to hold back from the negative...unless I have found a way to make that negative moment in my life positive.

While this isn't a typically Thinking Out Loud post for me, it definitely is in its own light. I woke up this morning (no alarm, at 5:39am) and felt inspired to write. I mixed up my Spark, got to work, and found this post written in about 20 minutes. Guess my brain need a bit of a writing purge.


(Thanks for hosting Amanda!)

What is one goal you have for the month of October? 

Tell me your favorite way to focus on your self-care - and go! 

Thinking Out Loud #6

Wow, some weeks just take it right out of you... After starting this week on my own at my job (coworker just had her baby girl!), it has been a slightly crazy week getting adapted to an almost one woman show. Plus, considering the week started on little sleep, it has been hard to feel refreshed, focused and awake.

BUT! I'm also coming at you with my third post this week, which makes me pretty proud (edited to add links to my Monday and Tuesday posts!). I'm trying to dedicate time during the weekend to blog - and being strict about it - and it is working! Obviously if life comes up, I deal with it, but making sure I do dedicate that time has been really great.

And before I continue to ramble on, here comes the thinking! [As always, a thank you to Amanda for hosting!]


1. Over the weekend, Matt and I ventured out to Barnes and Noble. As much as I am trying to cut down unnecessary spending and stay on track with money, a 'real' book sounded absolutely lovely. I've caught up on my Kindle here and there, as well as just purchasing Kindle version (it is a bit cheaper) of books, so it felt extra special to head to B&N. I picked up Girl Online (by the amazing Zoe Sugg aka Zoella) and really love it so far.

[ source ]

2. I'm YouTube obsessed, and totally loving it. I've been watching videos at night, instead of catching up on blogs, and I sort of love the change of routine. While Zoella hasn't had too many new uploads, I've been staying busy with Anna Saccone's channel, as well as the Saccone-Joly's. Other favorites: Ashley, Brittany & another new channel - Maryana Dvorska!

3. Humidity is better than dry air, but really stinks in a 2nd floor duplex with no way to power window units. Quite certain I was going to pass out this weekend because of the humidity/heat, but obviously survived. While I love the beauty summer brings, I could stand the temperatures a little cooler. And did I mention the gym feels sort of gross with humidity in the air? Girl needs more spandex shorts in her life.


4. Eat to Perform is making my body so happy, and I am glad I finally jumped in! Weight has grown to mean close to nothing in my mind, with the focus being directed on appearance/feel and what my body can do. But after my last physical, I was feeling a little discouraged about the scale and knew I wanted to change for me . I started ETP almost right after that. And here is where I get really honest: I was at 162# - highest weight ever. I know I've added on so much muscle, but I could see in the mirror and in my clothes something could change. I started ETP with the goal of getting better at fueling myself - and it has worked. But even more exciting: I'm now at 158#! Without even 'trying' to lose weight! And...end ramble.

5. I have to give a few little shoutouts to some amazing girls who are helping me with my ETP/IIFYM/macros journey: Madison, Allie and Laura. Much love to you girls! Have girls I can shoot an easy email or message to when the questions come up is amazing. I believe to make the changes we want in life, we need to have support + help along the way.

6. Pure Pharma M3 is back in my life and saving my sleep. I go one night without it and the insomnia hits. I've had thoughts it might be a placebo effect, but I also really think the magnesium adds exactly what it needs to in my body. And that is fine by me. Next trip to Target: I'm getting epsom salts for baths on the days I'm uber sore so I can sleep like a baby.


7. And I think I've officially ramble on long enough. I'll say I'm looking forward to this weekend, with lots of down time. I have a few good to-do's on my list, so you know I'll be working on accomplishing those!




Is there a supplement in your life you simply can't live without?

Favorite Youtube channel?

How's the weather in your hometown?


Thinking Out Loud #5

While a few Bridge Built entries made their way to the public eye on the blog, I've been a little behind on getting my normal routine back this week. After my weekend away in the cities for the Central Regionals, I came back home and jumped right into the work week. I may still feel a little exhausted, but I'm making it through. I have felt quite inspired and have some posts just waiting for a little more time from me before they hit the published status. So instead, I'll just let my mind let loose.

{Thanks for hosting Miss Spoons!}



1. It isn't hard for me to become inspired by someone in the CrossFit community every day. Whether it is a friend at my gym, a friend in another state, or an elite athlete I follow on Instagram, the inspiration to better myself and become a better human/athlete is always there. Heading to Regionals this past weekend was that same inspiration I see every day, but x100. Julie Foucher will always be my inspiration; not only as an athlete, but as a human in this lovely world.

2015-05-29 13.41.02

2. Still rocking a bit of a funk, but I've been so much better about taking the time for me this week. I've read (a little) about the Mercury Retrograde we are in now - and I am definitely attributing this off feeling to good ol' Mercury. The upside about this week's funks? I'm adding turquoise linings everywhere. Positivity has been on an upswing this week.

3. Finally got on My Fitness Pal and started to track for my journey in flexible dieting...and it is hard. I'm just eat as normal and tracking to start to see where changes need to happen. It is certainly going to be process, and I hope it starts to get a little easier. I have to not get down about being over on macros and know it will all find its place.

2015-06-02 18.14.55

4. I felt old school last week when I burned some mixed CDs for my drive to the Cities. Girl is on a budget and doesn't have the extra money for the fancy iPhone connect up, so CDs it is. I actually enjoyed the process, and really want to use up my stack of blank ones to make a few more!

5. FINALLY made it through my CrossFit schedule for once. I'm pretty certain taking time off because I was sick helped my mental state and strength to do it. Oh, and maybe that I haven't been killing myself with the sport WODs and have stuck with life. Totally doing wonders for the body this week. I feel more peace and inspiration in the gym this week, and despite a down feeling day during Tuesday's WOD - we are in a full upswing.

6. S'mores Oreos = new favorite treat. That's all.

7. SO EXCITED for my rest day today. I love my gym family oh so much, but a morning and evening at home sounds heavenly this week. I'm also excited for a relaxing Sunday at home. While I have a tendency to put more tasks on my to-do lists on down days, I am trying to just to relax. {Recycled photo - but yes, this kind of relaxing.}

2015-05-24 08.00.49

8. THIS VIDEO. This song on its own can bring me to tears at the right moment. Paired with this dancing? Wow.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

9. M3 from Pure Pharma is slowly changing my life - and my sleep. I'm so thankful for taking the time to talk with the guys at the booth and tell them my woes against insomnia. More on that in coming days. So happy to finally be taking the necessary steps to help my insomnia.

10. FINALLY made it to 10, and what to end on? How grand sleeping in sounds and taking a staycation in Duluth with my love.


Have you ever taken a staycation in your town?

What are your favorite songs at the moment you'd put on a mix CD?

S'mores Oreos - have you tried them?

Thinking Out Loud #4

This was a wonderful little week, since I only had to work Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Our office was closed for Memorial Day on Monday, and I took off this Friday to head down to Minneapolis to watch the CrossFit Central (Super) Regional - so excited! This ToL feels extra special, since today is my Friday. Sorry for the randomness of my posting this week! As much as I tried to crack open my Mac to do some scheduled posts, I spent more time over the three-day weekend relaxing. I really need to get on board with an editorial calendar...

Anyways - shout out to Amanda for hosting today!


1. Let's just say I'm pretty certain Murph gave me a cold. A tough workout = a shock to my immune system. While I felt okay working out on Tuesday, I woke up with the feeling of an elephant in my head on Wednesday, so rest day once again. I'm thankful it is more on the cold side than the flu side. I can totally deal with the sore throat and runny nose? Fever and possibly vomit - no thanks. Goal is to rest up this week and come back healthier next week!

2. While I am so excited to attend Regionals, I am even more excited about being able to stay with my best friend, Nicole, while in Minneapolis. She moved almost a year ago, and while we see each other here and there, I know it will be great being able to spend a little more time with her. I'm hoping to have a few coffee dates at Spyhouse and hopefully try Truce!

3. My mind has been in a funk lately, and it has been a negative one. I've been working on getting out of it on my own, but on Tuesday night, Matt and I had a little chat. And wow, my perspective on everything has changed. It helped so much to hear a new view on my 'worries'. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a bit better - despite the cold thing going on in my head.

4. On the topic of funks... Finally admitting something was off has really helped me to search for more positivity, instead of just feeling down. Yay for dealing with feelings & funks! I'm hoping to get some more blog posts out in hopes sharing will help to get me through this patch. In the mean time, I know I'll be reading up on all my blogs; you never know where you will find inspiration!

5. Best advice this week - rest. I think I may have pushed myself over what I can handle right now. In regards to work and training, my body seems to be taking a bit of a beating. Getting sick? A sign to slow down and rest. My mind is antsy about being back in the gym, but I also know resting and recovering will help to get me back stronger. And while I may not want the extra rest, it could be the difference between better and not better (thanks Mary!).

6. My mind is full of dreams I want to chase - seriously, there are close to 5 courses/certifications I want to achieve and I am totally struggling on how to plan those dreams out. Health coach through IIN, the Catalyst Course with The Angry Therapist, Jenna Kutcher Course, possibly becoming an NTP through the NTA, and of course, my CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certifications... Guess its time to really sit down and try to game plan these out.

7. I was hoping to push for 10 facts, but my head is starting to feel off again, and I'm a little dizzy. Its time for my sixth tumbler of water - yay for pushing fluids - and settling down for the night. If you have any crazy good cold remedies, I'd love to hear them.


What is your favorite caffeine fix?

Is rest as hard for you as it is for me sometimes? 

Do you struggle with admitting you are in a funk at times? 


Thinking Out Loud #3

I apologize for the lack of photos; after a tough sport class last night, I was able to muster up eating dinner before officially zonking out for the night. Cheers to all the words! 


1. Can you look at this beautiful theme?! I realized my initial theme didn't have the option of page tabs (insert sad face). I could create them, but they were nowhere to be found once I hit publish; it was a WordPress mystery. But this theme?  It is pretty darn close to what I envision once I hire a designer to really establish a brand for me. I love the simplicity it brings, but also the pop of turquoise I want! Let me know what you think below!

2. This week we started our Sport programming... And oh my, so many squats! Even though Monday night felt a bit rough, I am beyond excited I chose to commit to this membership. I can only imagine great progress as my new CrossFit journey unfolds. I'll let you know in a few weeks how I'm holding up after so many front and back squats. Chances are, the 'strength is booty, booty is strength' is really going to make itself known.

3. No plans this weekend (!!!) and I'm more than excited to just lay low at home. If it's cold and rainy? You know I'll be embracing it! I will need to resist making a list of "things to do". Sometimes those little lists can be a good thing; but sometimes, they are just too much and take away from the fact I should be recouping for the week ahead.

4. Major goal for this week? Listen to MORE Girls Gone WOD Podcast! I get behind on listening, and it makes me a little sad! So I'm vowing to try and catch up through the end of the weekend. =) First up - Episode 89...from March 14th. Weird to think we had all just suffered through 15.3 - the WOD with all.the.wallballs.

5. Also, more YouTube watchin'! Favorites at the moment include two amazing bloggers-gone-YouTubers, Brittany and Ashley, as well as Zoella ; just found her a week or so ago because of learn about "Girl Online", her best-selling novel! I used to think it was crazy to follow and subscribe religiously to some YouTubers - and now I understand. It is being able to connect with people on another level - I love it! I procrastinated falling asleep on Tuesday night so I could watch some videos.

6. Can I just say again how darn happy I am I have Spark back in my life?! I'm appreciating the little boost it gives me right around 5am for CrossFit.

7. This week, in particular, I am missing the randomness of my job at the hospital. While I never loved working 2-8pm, sometimes having 3 random days off in a row (and in the middle of the week) was super nice! Obviously, this is something I look back on and appreciate now more than when it was reality. But some days, I just miss having a random Wednesday off. Alas, I do love knowing I have every weekend off, no matter what, with my current job.

8. I decide to take off Wednesday morning from CrossFit because of sore muscles; I honestly can't remember the last time my upper body was this sore (I blame all the push-ups on Monday). And while it is hard to rest some days, this time it definitely wasn't. My body needed rest, so of course I listened. Not only that, but I was able to blog a little (wrote most of this post) and work through our sink full of dishes (it never ends...).

9. Just made a girls' date with some of my gym ladies on Friday morning for breakfast - so.stoked. Give me a cinnamon roll from Duluth Grill, and I'm pretty much the happiest person EVER.

10. OH, and here is a casual update on my transition to Flexible Dieting (I'm using Krissy Mae Cagney and Eat to Perform as resources)... I'm so excited on what's to come. I'm in a bit of an information overload phase, but considering nutrition is one of my favorite topics - I love it all.

Best remedy for sore muscles?

Any big weekend plans for you?

Thinking Out Loud #1

Do you ever have those weeks that just drag you down, and by the time Friday comes, you are just exhausted? That was me last week - that fact was established when I passed out in the living room early in the evening. I'm just glad my body waited until the weekend to let the exhaustion hit, or I think the end of last week would have been more rough. This week is much better on the energy front. Yes, I have started out the week with a little less sleep than I would like, but I am making sure to stay positive and choosing joy when I can. Those two simple decisions make it much easier to live through the work week.

A little extra bonus? My momma is in MN for the week from Florida and it makes my heart soar! She and my oldest niece stopped by my work on Tuesday, and it made my entire day! I'm so thankful I was able to spend time with them.

Enough with the rambling intro - it's time to link up with Amanda so I can put some numbers on my thoughts.

1. I'm definitely noticing that it is a bit of an adjustment to a new blog. And while I sometimes open up to write a post and feel like I have nothing to say, I realize that I am just so excited I don't know where to begin! I just want to thank everyone for following me over to my new little internet home. It truly means the world!


2. I'm officially a sport level athlete at my gym, and I'm so excited for what my CrossFit future holds. It has been awesome so far to have 2 weekdays to come in and work on extra strength, little skills, and talk about what we want for personal goals. Plus, we have a Saturday class to help us better analyze how to approach a WOD, which will be especially helpful for competitions (which I hope to do more of!). We also are lucky to have a combine with this membership, which just means we get a day with a few sessions to get evaluated on different aspects of CrossFit.

3. Despite trying my hardest to stick to a budget, these lovely gems just shouted out to me at DSW; they are the ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker. Plus, I had a coupon so they pretty much had me convinced right away that I was buying them. Mint? Totally my jam. As well as teal and turquoise, but those are minor details.


4. Dinner last night was at Va Bene with my momma and was amazing. Hands down, probably our favorite restaurant in Duluth! I am so excited I was able to share this beautiful meal with my momma as well. We shared goat cheese & pear crostinis with honey as an appetizer. For the main meal, I had the Ripallo Pesto (homemade basil pesto, with roasted potatoes, asparagus, and penne pasta). My mom had the Mahi Mahi and Matt had the Noce E Pera. It was a meal to remember

IMG_7376   IMG_7377

5. After our first combine last Saturday, I proudly PR'd my strict press (at 95#) and back squat (at 175#)! My deadlift hit its plateau (at 205#) and that's fine by me! It took me a long time to move up from 195#, so I'm perfectly content to keep on working my weakness, which is strength?

We also tested max box jump height (35 1/2 in.); 1min. max effort burpees (23); max effort unbroken HSPU & handstand walk (1/2 a HSPU today - most progress I've made and definitely on the top of my goal list! HS walk is N/A at the moment...another skill to work on!); and the dreaded BEEP test (9 - while running into the cold window...hello asthma!).

Lastly was Grace - 30 Clean & Jerks (for time) at 95#. My time? 4:39 - 3 minutes faster than my last Grace in September. I was just a little bit stoked...

6. I still cannot believe some days that we have this little kitten in our lives. Despite her crazy antics and nibbling little mouth, she's the best kitty ever.


7. Lastly, to finish off with a crazy craving. I've been missing my Spark {click to find my site!} the past few weeks, so coffee cravings are coming back a little bit. I had been wanting something with white chocolate and caramel...and Perk Place delivered! This was a cold press with both flavors, as well as a splash of almond milk. Craving = satisfied. And I'm already planning a date for myself this weekend {thanks for the inspiration Julianna!}


What is your favorite coffeehouse drink? 

Any new PR's this week, in life or fitness?