Blogmas Day 24+25 / Currently: December 2015.

Merry Christmas! IMG_8826

And just like that, the official end of Blogmas is here! It has been a month I am proud of and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for the blog. I am planning to take the rest of December off so I can leave time to get inspired for what's to come with the TBP Blog Challenge on January 1st.

Here is a quick little Currently update for December, as promised! I've loved the consistency of these posts, so you better believe they'll be coming every month in 2016.

And remember - take time over the next couple of days to cherish the time spent with family and friends. Without them, this life wouldn't be as sweet as it is.

Current Book: Binge by Tyler Oakley. With my recent YouTube obsession has come down to reading books released by my favorite YouTubers. I've enjoyed each one of them, and Binge continues to bring a smile or a laugh to life when I need it.

Current Music: Troye Sivan. Especially the song 'Youth' from his album 'Blue Neighborhood'. The performance he delivered on Jimmy Fallon was stunning.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Reading books over my lunch break. Best change I've made in my daily routine.

Current Celebration: A long weekend and spending time with family. I may have been a child that only thought Christmas was about gifts and a few family get-togethers, but oh how times have changed. This season brings so much excitement because of being able to spend time with family I don't always see often during the year.

Current Nail Color: I have a feeling this one won't make it into 2016. I'm quite certain if we were to look back at all Currently posts from 2015, not once were my nails painted. Here's to brainstorming a good replacement!

Current Drink: Spark has been a savior throughout this sleepier-than-normal month.

Current Food: There's been a slight obsession of roasted potatoes, either golden or sweet, with a little ketchup. It's been a good pairing with eggs for my breakfasts, as well as an easy carbohydrate to have in my lunch!

Current Obsession: Our new candles from Bath & Body Works, burned at the same time. I just started burning them last night, and I love it. Also, our fairy lights in the office - they bring a magical feeling to our home.

Current Wish: To see my sister and her little family very soon.

Current Need: Right now? I'm content. I can't seem to find anything in my mind that is worth putting down as a need. I have my family, my Matt, my Lumi and my friends. You really can't need anymore than that.

Current Bane of my Existence: Nada. This will be another leaving the currently posts. Makes me put focus on the negatives in life, and that's just no fun.

Current Indulgence: Can I just say this weekend? It isn't going to become a weekend of going absolutely crazy, but it will be one to enjoy. So far, homemade Oreo truffles have been the best indulgence this week. I'll get back to you on what may top it this weekend.

Current Purchase: Other than Christmas presents here and there over the last couple of weeks, and bread for the Yoki Christmas today, the purchases standing out to me are the ones becoming gifts for others. I'd post them here...but you never know who is reading!

Current Procrastination: This post, which I wanted to work on last weekend. Currently, though, getting ready for Christmas Eve at Matt's grandma's. Better get on that soon! Otherwise, I think getting our desk and buffet cleaned off. I'm hoping to use tomorrow as a day to get it all tidy.

Current Confession: I never want this long weekend to end. Being able to spend time with family, as well as have down time with Matt at home has been close to amazing.

Current Blessing: The Yoki Christmas tomorrow at my Dad's.

Current Excitement: Planning a trip to see my sister + nieces so very soon. Since they weren't able to make the trip up here this weekend, I'm hoping to head down there in a couple of weekends to have a belated Christmas celebration with them.

Current Holy Moly: A week from today (the 25th), it will be 2016!

Current Mood: So content with everything. And maybe a bit sleepy.

Current Link: Nothing to put here this month - it hasn't been a month of scrolling through articles.

Current Mantra: Believe in the Magic. Which I guess is more of a quote? My mom sent us a light up decor piece with that saying. It is definitely geared more towards the Christmas spirit, but I truly think it could be applied to every day.

Any suggestions on what to replace the current nail color and current bane of my existence with? 

Currently / November 2015

I'm finally starting to learn to take each day as it comes, and embrace the fact a select number of tasks can only be completed in one day. In the past, I would put so much pressure on myself to do everything - no matter what. And thank goodness that part of me has changed. I am slowly learning how important my self-care is, especially when connected with everything else going on in my life. Living with both anxiety and depression has always brought along challenges, but I pride myself on being able to manage it on my own and to know what my triggers are. No time for blogging? No biggie. The blog will always be here. And while some days I wish I could just sit here and right, that isn't the case (yet). So here's to a new month, and a new set of current updates on life. (I'm crossing my fingers some of the answers have changed since October...)


Current Book: You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero. This book that could also be called "The Book That Will Change Your Life in the Best Way Possible". I'm almost done with it, but already want to start reading it again. #signofagoodbook

Current Music: Hello by Adele. Who isn't obsessed with this song right now?

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Almond milk and gluten-free cookies (from the brand Dr. Lucy's) at night. The perfect little treat to end any day in this beautiful life. I look forward to it (almost) each and every night.

Current Celebration: FINALLY taking the time to clean off my computer. It had operated so slow, and by just moving off some photos and documents to trusty USB drives, I feel it is already moving so much faster. Technology win for November!

Current Nail Color: Again, all natural. I keep on wanting to paint them my deep navy blue Essie polish I have, but I seem to remember it when I'm brushing my teeth to go to bed. Poor planning, right? Hopefully I'll make time this week!

Current Drink: Other than the usually water and Spark, hot chocolate made with almond milk from Pelican Coffee might just be my new go-to when I make a coffeehouse stop. I spent a part of my morning on Friday sipping this drink, along with a cranberry orange scone. It was a perfect way to relax into the day.

Current Food: Kaboucha squash with ketchup. Weird answer? Maybe. One of the advisors at the office brought in 4 squashes, and I gladly took home three to cook up. And while it did take me awhile to take the time to cut into them and roast them, I've had them everyday now.

Current Obsession: De-cluttering our apartment. I haven't started The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up yet, and I'm already adding more to our corner in the second room to be donated. I think it is mentally preparing for that whirlwind to come once I start that book.

Current Wish: A week off from work at home. It sounds so lame, but in my eyes, it sounds absolutely glorious. And it would help with the whole Tidying-Up.

Current Need: To fold the basket of towels before it sits there until Friday. This has happened more times than I care to admit. I also need to get a submission video put together for a scholarship to IIN...

Current Bane of my Existence: Again, I can't seem to find anything to reach the level of being a 'bane of my existence'. I think that's probably a good thing, right?

Current Indulgence: A bowl of apple crisp, out of an entire batch we got for ourselves from Matt's mom. I'll admit; it is probably going to last us tonight and tomorrow. I'm sure this is just the start to this month of wonderfully good eats. I realized today we get Thanksgiving this month. Yahoo!

Current Purchase: Target run - foods were normal purchases for me (almond milk, Lucy's cookies, Builder Bars, shaving cream...) but the fun part? The last two Minion USB drives to completely my Minion family. I mean, if you need to store files, why not have Kevin, Stuart, Dave and Bob hold onto them?

Current Procrastination: Food prep for my lunches this week. While I don't see it completely necessary to prep for every meal and snack, getting lunches planned out has helped wonders lately. Cheers to waking up on Monday morning to get lunch made since blogging and apple crisp have higher priority on this Sunday night.

Current Confession: I feel like I'm totally rocking my self-care lately. And I'm a little in love with HGTV shows on Netflix. Current favorite? Fixer Upper. One more: I loved waking up to Daylight Savings. It was a day of getting some chores done and relaxing, all while feel like I had so many more hours in the day.

Current Blessing: Kitty snuggles and the best of friends.

Current Excitement: Being able to go to the cities this coming weekend. It will be a busy one, but filled with so many people I love. Friday I'll be at Alchemy to help Lee celebrate FIVE years of Fit Foodie Finds; Saturday is a bridal shower for my cousin's bride-to-be; the rest of the time will be spent with my sister, her man, and my two little nieces! I'm hoping to sneak in some time with my friend Nicole as well!

Current Holy Moly: It's November, which means it's almost Christmas...which means I should plan out my gifts this year if I still want to do DIY. Eek!

Current Mood: Relaxed. I'm trying to embrace more relaxation into starting the week instead of putting anxious feelings into the weekend coming to an end.

Current Link: This article really struck a chord with me when I read it. There are people who don't always realize the importance of psychology in our everyday lives. I have my moments now where I wonder if I would change my college experience...I'd have to say no; I think the choice I made was for a reason and it will only continue to add to my journey.

Current Mantra: You Are A Badass (how could I not?).


Pick one from above and tell me what is happening currently for you!

Currently / October 2015

Welp. Apparently the months of August and September didn't get a chance to get current here on the blog. But in their defense, I'm certain the last one (back in July) and this one for October will have a mesh of what would have been current in those months. You'll have to excuse the lack of photos; I moved around some settings with my iCloud and what have you, so things are a little goofy on my computer at the moment - my sincerest of apologies! Anyways, since October is, by far, my favorite month out of the year, I knew this post needed to happen! And following suit on trying to get a Currently post up by the 5th of the month, here we are today! Ready...Steady....Go!


Current Book: Just started Paper Towns by John Green. I also have The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (by Marie Kondo) on my nightstand. Girl needed a little 'fun' reading before diving in to Marie Kondo's book, since I know a storm of cleaning and organizing will soon follow.

Current Music: Downtown and Growing Up, both by Macklemore. The man knows how to create grand music. Downtown is also my favorite gym jam as well. Nothing like box jumps and S2O to Eric Nally's amazing voice.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: Taking a ridiculous amount of time for self-care, and not caring one bit about it. It's been on the back burner for far too long.

Current Celebration: The season of fall! And having four boxes of goods to give. My heart is full.

Current Nail Color: Bare & au naturale, and embracing every second of it.

Current Drink: Water and Spark. Keeping it pretty simple.

Current Food: I'm loving these gluten-free chocolate chip mini-cookies from the Pamela's brand (they are acutally called Simplebites!). They are amazing with a small mug of almond milk.

Current Obsession: Still loving YouTube. I have resorted to watching videos on my iPad instead of clicking on the TV for Netflix - and I'm fine with that!

Current Wish: A three-day weekend, with a Monday off (instead of a Friday). Those random three-day weekends are so lovely.

Current Need: Really...not much in this wonderful life. I just received my #gettoworkbook for 2016 and it is pretty satisfied all my desires for the rest of the year.

Current Bane of my Existence: Laundry. And while I don't consider it that awful, I am just so curious on how it piles so quickly. Same with our dishes. *sigh*

Current Indulgence: Not training on Monday mornings. While it feels good being so inspired with my training, only having Wednesdays as my two-a-day has been quite lovely. I may manage to get the Monday mornings back into my schedule, but as of now, I am realizing I need an extra morning during the week for me. So why not put it right on a Monday morning?

Current Purchase: After doing well with staying away from frivolous spending, Matt and I both caved (a little) on Friday. While Matt purchased some items for gaming, I bought a Dave (the Minion) USB drive that I'm in love with and the Paper Towns book I mentioned above. Neither I things I would usually "allow" myself to buy, but in the moment...they are quite nice.

Current Procrastination: Organizing? Cleaning? Bringing out the trash & recycling? I could go on, but it is a time for worrying about the bigger things in life than those darned little tasks.

Current Confession: My mind is going crazy with dreams and aspirations, and I truly don't know what to do about them. A big part of why I want to get back to the blog is to just have a place to share the random thoughts going through my mind. Maybe it will help to sort out those dreams.

Current Blessing: My little family - Matthew, Lumi & myself.

Current Excitement: Our anniversary weekend coming up next weekend! We will hopefully just do lots of fun little day date activities like usual, since we find those the most memorable (instead of making it all fancy). As of now: movie (with our refund movie tickets), dinner at Va Bene (purchased with a gift card from Matt's birthday), a hike up the shore, and a coffee date here in town!

Current Holy Moly: Not including this lovely month - there are TWO months left in 2015. I can't believe it.

Current Mood: Confident.

Current Link: Oh my word. How have I not shared anything about theSkimm yet?! It is the one thing that shows up daily in my inbox that I am so excited about! I used to feel bad about not being caught up on the world/national events, but the thought of turning to a news site felt overwhelming. theSkimm allows me to get caught up on everything (plus the presidential candidates!) within 10 minutes.

Current Mantra: You Do You.


What is your current...





It's Currently / July 2015

Current Book: Sexy by Nature (by Stefani Ruper). It has been an informational read, and really makes me want to focus on the food and nutrients I am putting in my body. Biggest focus now is - my sleep. And a little Kill Cliff on the side never hurts. IMG_7795

Current Music: Fight Song by Rachel Platten. And the Pandora station that goes along with it as well.

Current [Non]-Guilty Pleasure: I had to follow Amanda's switch for this currently. Blogging for the month of June went out the window, except for my Bridge Built updates I published here and there. While I could dwell on how I didn't post as much as I would have liked...why? Why let something like blogging put a negative influence on my life. And since blogging is a rekindled hobby with my new blog, I have to 'go with the flow' and know it will all work out how it looks in my head eventually.

Current Celebration: Leftovers. With how humid our apartment has been, leftovers are a lifesaver for dinner. This was a total winner this week: all the green veggies!


Current Nail Color: Nothing as of now, but hoping to get a pretty hot pink on my nails before the weekend ends. I know it'll probably chip in a heart beat, but I like feeling a little girl here and there.

Current Drink: Spark. And lots of H2O. I am pretty sure I was dealing with a touch of dehydration on Saturday so I'm focusing on getting a decent water intake in the coming days.


Current Food: Craving sweet potatoes. So that's next on the list of to-do's for this Sunday. Even if it means heating up our apartment.

Current Obsession: Zoe Sugg and Jonathan & Anna Saccone-Joly (and Anna's personal channel!). Obsessed with watching their YouTube videos. Totally make my days.

Current Wish: To see my sister + nieces, far away (aka, Cities) friends, my momma, and Nicole + Rad.

Current Need: An overhaul on my schedule. Don't worry - I'm working on it.

Current Bane of My Existence: It never fails. The answer is always dishes. I'm convinced we just need to pack up some of our dishes (or put them out of sight) so they stop piling up. They are driving me mad. Silver lining: they are almost ALL clean.

Current Indulgence: A chai tea latte from Perk Place on Friday definitely felt pretty indulgent.


Current Purchase: Pure Pharma M3. Can't wait for it to come to help supplement my sleep.

Current Procrastination: Donating boxes of clothing and goods...since the three I currently have filled are just chilling out on our steps (don't worry - those steps are inside). And tidying up some areas in our apartment that have just become 'catch-alls' for everything.

Current Confession: No bra days are the best days.

Current Blessing: A morning devoid of social media. It was glorious and needs happen more often. And this little kitten keeping me company when Matt is at work.


Current Excitement: Life.

Current Holy Moly: It is almost half through July. Summer goes by so much quicker as an adult.

Current Mood: Blissful. After two nights of solid sleep and two days filled with relaxing, life is full of bliss.

Current Link: The Angry Therapist blog posts have been absolutely spot on. "What if today..." really resonated with me this week. Also, theSkimm is probably going to be what I looked forward to in my inbox every day. Such an easy way to stay caught up on what is going on around the world and in the US.

Current Mantra: 'Positive Vibes Only'. Self-explanatory.

What is your current...


Holy Moly? 



It's Currently / June 2015

Happy Monday! Maybe one month I'll be able to get an 'It's Currently' post up before a few days of the month has already passed, but it is all about progress. A week in is fine by me, especially since it takes that long for it to actually feel like a new month! I woke up on Thursday with this super raspy voice, and wonder if it is a side effect of finally getting over this cold. Side note on that: I actually surprised myself when I spoke to Lumi after getting up. As Mary said, "Lol. Sexy voice day", and it totally cracked me up. But seriously. That was the voice I'm dealing with.

This weekend, it was nice to not have as much on the agenda...even though as I was doing my planner last Monday, I realized June is almost just as busy on the weekends as May was. But I'm loving it, since this month includes lots of family and gym family events, as well as being able to see one of my best friends when she comes up from the cities.



Current Book: I finally finished "If I Stay" on Thursday, after reading it before bed a few nights a week. Finishing it meant I can finally see the movie, which is next on our DVD queue on Netflix! New goal for this week: find another book to read.

Current Music: And We Danced came back into my life after putting it on a mix CD for my road trip, and I can't complain. Yes, some of the lyrics are a little 'out there' but all it makes me want to do is dance. I'm also loving all songs from Hoizer, and wishing CrossFit would post their playlists from Regionals.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in last Thursday. It was more needed than I thought.

2015-06-04 22.14.40-1

Current Nail Color: Essie Perennial Chic. It is just on my toes, only because it started to chip on my hands. Plan is to paint them before the weekend ends.

Current Drink: Water. Keeping it pretty simple this week. I also just downed an iced Oprah cinnamon chai with coconut milk.

Current Food: All of it? I don't have an immediate favorite now, and I'm finding that a little weird. I have to say, the mint chocolate chunk Quest Bar was pretty amazing...

2015-06-02 15.54.12

Current Obsession: My Pure Pharma M3. Girl has never slept so good.

Current Wish: That flexible dieting could come easier. I'm not letting it get me down, but the hardest part is figure out the balance to hit my macros every day. These first couple of weeks will certainly be a huge learning curve, and altering my eats I've always had, and adding in new ones. Also, a thank you has to go out to Laura for being able to help me and check my daily diaries; I've been a victim of incorrect food logging! So glad to have one of my friends along on my journey.

Current Need: An entire day off with Matt - it's been ridiculously long since our last day date. What that day would entail: sleeping in, breakfast together, a coffee run, simple lunches at home, dinner out on the town, and then coming home to watch Netflix. It is the simple things in life. We did have a pie + ice cream date on Friday, which was quite fun.

2015-06-05 16.48.13

Current Triumph: Consistent blogging. Turquoise Lining has been a little blessing in my life.

Current Bane of My Existence: Dishes. Always the darn dishes.

Current Indulgence: S'mores Oreos.

Current Procrastination: Still calling IIN. But I've realized it might not be the right time RIGHT NOW. As much as I want to start this journey towards being a health/life coach, I have to put my priorities in place. My goal is to talk with them before the end of 2015; who knows, a great deal may come up for their tuition. In the meantime, I'm also procrastinating saving up for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification. I think an update will come to the blog soon with the plan of action I should follow, instead of doing it all at once.

Current Blessing: Rest days. If my body is expected to go hard for the first three days of the week, Thursdays will be wonderful. Hello sleeping in! And Sundays off as well? I love. Those mornings always call for the simple a sample of Progenex Cookies 'n' Cream More Muscle!

2015-06-04 07.23.03

Current Excitement: Life. Is that too vague? If we get into more specifics, I'm excited for my beautiful cousin Hanna's wedding this coming weekend. I love family time!

Current Mood: Calm. A change for the better after feeling stressed in May.

Current Link: The 7 Questions I Asked That Seriously Saved My Life [click for article]. Such an interesting article from Greatist, and really had me thinking about my life as well. When we don't ask for what we want or wish, we cannot be upset when some of them don't become part of our lives. If we don't ask, we aren't trying.


What is your current: for me?

...blessing? & drink? 

It's Currently / May 2015

Anyone who has a blog knows it becomes a scrapbook of sorts. As you click back into the archives, you find little bits and pieces of your past. I think it is what makes the blogging community so wonderful. Even if we come to a point of feeling like we are a better version of ourselves than we were a year ago, we can look back and see where we were in life. I'm proud of my past, no matter how dark and painful and weak some of those moments made me feel. They have all come together to make me into the stronger person I am today. Amanda has always done these "currently" posts at the beginning of the month, and I always loved seeing where she was at month to month. So without further ado, here is what May looks like for me...


Current Book: FD 2.0: A Flexible Nutrition Philosophy for the Modern Athlete. I have been struggling to find a way of fueling my body when it comes to CrossFit, and flexible dieting is presenting itself as the best route possible. When it comes down to IIFYM and Zone, the numbers end up screwing up my mind, and negative thoughts become pretty prominent. Considering Krissy Mae Cagney wants to dispel these thoughts with her book, I know following her plan will ultimately lead me in the right direction for me.

Current Music: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. I'm a sucker for anything with a good beat.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple & organic vanilla wafers. I recently tried the new and improved flavor, and I think it is amazing. I'm actually not certain if they changed anything in the recipe, or just the look of the container, but it is amazing no matter what. Side note: dark chocolate Justin's peanut butter cups mesh well with the ice cream.


Current Nail Color: Bare. I've meant to paint them over the weekend, but the moment usually presents itself with a kitten napping on me. #priorities

Current Drink: Water, almost all the time. As of late, I haven't been having my usual Spark, just because money had other priorities, like food. But, no fear! I put in an Advo order on Monday & it will be here tomorrow! If you have any AdvoCare questions - please feel free to ask!




Current Food: Darn frozen waffles. I've bought the Van's or Nature Path brands, and have loved them just a bit. They've kind of are the best thing ever.

Current Obsession: Nutrition. Hence the recent book I mentioned above, and downloading ebooks from Eat to Perform as well. And catching up on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast. I had been missing Joy and Claire so much!


Current Wish: For a four-day weekend. Doesn't that just sound glorious?

Current Need: A more consistent sleep schedule. Last night was finally over 7 hours of sleep, so I'm glad to have broken the 5-6 hour trend from last week.

Current Triumph: PR-ing my front squat yesterday at 150#. When you are at least shooting for 125#-135#, hitting 150# feels pretty darn awesome.

Current Bane of My Existence: The darn dishes. I don't know what it is, but how we manage to pile up so many dishes baffles me.

Current Indulgence: Sweets after dark. Seriously. I don't think the sweet tooth has ever been so strong. I'm embracing it and just having a little here and there. Especially when it means a date with some of my CrossFit Aerial ladies.


Current Procrastination: Calling IIN to talk about their health coaching program. It has been on my mind for so long, and I know my fear to call  lies in not being able to make it work right away. Not that money is everything, but when your dreams need funding to halfway come true, it does seem to make the process harder.

Current Blessing: Seeing my mom, sister and nieces last week. It was so nice to have all of us ladies together. And I already miss them all being in Duluth.

Current Excitement: The month of May! There is a lot going on for my weekends, and it is fine by me! This weekend is my good friend Catherine's birthday bachelorette party, so it is bound to be a fabulous Friday night! Other events this month include a wedding for Matt's cousin, CrossFit regionals (and seeing friends!) in Minneapolis, the Memorial Day Murph WOD at CrossFit Aerial...the list seems to just go on and on!

Current Mood: Stressed, if it is considered a mood, but calm at the same time. I've been more conscious about staying positive and calm as of late, but sometimes the stress just seeps in and cannot be helped right in the moment. I'm now repeating "you are too blessed to be stressed" in my head #turquoiselining (ps, iced coffees help in these situations)


Current Link: This article from A Little Opulent on Five Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care. These types of articles are probably my favorite to stumble on when I am reading through blog posts on Bloglovin (follow me!).


What is your current: for me?

...blessing? & drink?