08.13.2015 thru 08.16.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

08.13.2015 - Thursday


Always thankful for these rest days, but really feel like a little movement would help me get through the day without feeling completely exhausted. As I type this up on the weekend, it is part of what I want to bring up to Ryan or Michael as a part of my programming. I don't think I would mind coming in the morning to just row, or even run sprints outside (while I still can!). Even so, going on a walk could even help; but my main thing is that it is nice to have a slow morning... We will see what comes of it all!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:52 / I guess the good part about not having to worry about getting to the gym is I am able to sleep in a little bit before I decide to get up (in hopes of being able to blog or read or watch YouTube). While it was almost 7 hours of sleep, I'm certain the lack of sleep prior to this night haven't helped me.

Nutrition / Just trying to 'stay alive' this week, so I'm eating what the body wants and also trying to focus on getting everything in I need to. My plan is to get back to tracking on Sunday, even though I've roughly been tracking most of my eats this week. After talking with Ryan about getting my caloric intake up, I'm trying to just eat. It has been hard mentally, and might be another aspect to bring up during a goals-focused meeting.

08.14.2015 - Friday

Part A: Front Squat 5-5-5-5

End Result: [85# / 105# / 115# / 125#] These felt so unbelievably hard this morning, and I'm a little disappointed I could get my body to go heavier. BUT - I always always ALWAYS take into perspective at how early it can be to ask my body to squat so heavy. 125# for five does seem to be a PR in my mind, as I don't remember ever getting up that high for five reps.

Part B:



Box Jumps (24")


End Result: [sport] 10:49 / Totally one of those WODs where I didn't look at the clock at all, but felt when I was getting close to the end that it had to have been around 15 minutes. So surprised to see I was very much under that time! The TTB felt especially tricky today, and I believe that is because we haven't had much 'rig' work in the past few weeks since we have been downsized to just one rig for the time being. I tried to keep it at 2-3 reps at a time, and felt I did well. Box jumps were great, as always, and I am really loving the new challenge of doing 24" more!

Sleepsleep cycle = 5:43 / Under six hours is never a good feeling, and this definitely would have factored into how my front squats felt today. Sometimes you don't really realize everything that comes in to play until you look back at it. I was dead set on being able to see Mary, and just got my Spark down and left for the gym right when I was ready. Felt pretty energetic for most of the day, but was just super excited for the weekend and being able to sleep more.

Nutrition / A day of not enough food for certain. I had some odd meals because of what we had available, and I just wasn't in the mood for tuna once again. Matt and I had a date day, and it was nice to just go to a movie and relax with him for the night. Hoping to fuel up good over the weekend and try to plan everything out...

08.15.2015 + 08.16.2015 - Saturday + Sunday


98% of the time, being able to get a workout in helps me so much. But after how this week felt mentally, and not getting enough sleep for pretty much the entire week, I was happy to take off Saturday. While I know I missed a beach WOD, the timing just wouldn't have been the best with the wedding. Plus, my anxiety felt kind of high once I woke up on Saturday, and I knew it was important for me to relax. The wedding was a lot of fun, and it was so amazing to see my sister + her little family, and spend quality time with just B. My eats were less than stellar and kind of far and few in between. Dairy was consumed, and immediately regretted come Sunday. Ice cream was our late night snack, and the So Delicious coconut milk cookie dough certainly hit the spot. Spent a lot of Sunday cleaning up and what not, so I didn't feel as run down as on Saturday. The heat finally broke in the evening and cool breezes are getting quite a bit of love from us.

Sleep [to Saturday] / sleep cycle = 8:57 & Sleep [to Sunday] / sleep cycle = 8:10 / Gosh, it felt good to get a lot of sleep. Still felt PRETTY exhausted for the day on Saturday, but part of me is going to blame the hot hot humid heat for that. Sunday I felt much better. My hope is to really put focus on getting into bed earlier this week. If anything, it'll give me time to catch up on my desired reads.

Nutrition / Sunday started the tracking once again, and I'm realizing it has been hard for me to hit my protein at 130g. I really need to get back on track with that, because I'm certainly not eating enough for now. I am hoping to get on the ETP forum this week for help, as I just feel lost on what I should be trying to eat. Along with talking about rest days and other little things, I would love to try and talk with Ryan about food ideas as well. For being as interested in food and nutrition as I once was, I've lost the love and attention to it in the past few months

08.12.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: Tabata KB Snatch (:20W / :20R) with 4L/4R

I alternated between 25# and 35# for each little set. For the most part, they did feel really good. Arms did get tired, as they should, and I knew to put more focus on my right arm, as it is weaker than my left. From my own perspective, I know I could work on bringing it down quicker and going right back in to it.

Part B:

21-15-9-3 (@ 65# for all)

Power Clean

Front Rack Lunge

Push Press

End Result: [life] 12:52 / Yes, with the weight being 95# for sport, I could have done it. But - it would have definitely taken much longer to get through it. It was nice to be able to keep a quicker pace and get after it. After I was done, it was all about cheering the rest of the class through it!


  1. 10min. to a Heavy Squat Clean / This girl hit a new PR at 140#! Michael really helped us find the weaknesses and work through them. My biggest lightbulb moment was switching my focus. I was keeping my head down (almost in a deadlift position) and once I focused up, with the orange stripe as my new focal point, it helped in most every part of the clean. I still need to focus on my third pull, but it truly is improving.
  2. x3 of 10 Squat Cleans AFAP with 1min. Rest @ 70% of new 1RM / 105# for weight. End time at 11:41 (2:36 rest to 3:36, finished at 7:51, rest to 8:51, final time at 11:41). This was tough, but it was all about grinding each rep out. Really need to focus on that third pull, but Michael kept commenting that most reps were looking really good. I wish I could have blown through faster, but the legs were definitely getting sore.
  3. 4min. Cumulative Hollow Rock Hold / OUCH for sure for the abs! Definitely a good burner. [:40 :20 | :25 :35 | :10 :10 :10 :10 | :30 :30]
  4. x8 Strict Hollow Ring Hold (:20W / :10R) / Focus was just to do as well as I could. And I did. I'm really ready to commit to upper body work so I can start getting better at the movements holding me back!

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:06 / Definitely NOT rocking my sleep this week. Hoping to regain some more routine this coming weekend. My mind was mental mush today, and I can't wait for life to just slow down more. I am really trying to put more focus on letting myself relax more, but also trying to minimize and simplify our home.

Nutrition / No comments. Only that it has just been one of those weeks, and tracking hasn't happened. And really, I am perfectly fine with how the week is going. Can't remember much more than that.

08.11.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

1mile Run / Rest 4 minutes

800m Run / Rest 3 minutes

400m Run

End Result: 8:02 / 3:44 / 1:40

Really happy to have shaved off :18sec. from my previous mile time. While I felt I did well on each run, I could tell my body (well, mostly my hips) weren't quite warm enough when we first started. And with my squats from last night, I could certainly feel it as well. I pushed myself more than I usually do with each run, and was beyond satisfied with how I did. Need to remember to stretch out calves better when a day of running follows a day of jump rope and box jumps!

Part B:

6 EMOM / 5-pt. Shuttle Sprints

End Result: I documented in my mind how much time was remaining on the EMOM clock when I was done with each shuttle sprint. Sprint times would be quicker than these, but remembering the time remaining proved to be much easier. These times were - :33 / :34 / :34 / :35 / :36 / :34.

Skill Work / I did have plans to try to work on something, but decided to do some stretching and mobility before leaving the gym. My feet have recently started to hurt after most every workout, so getting new CrossFit shoes is a priority.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:15 / Definitely feel I'm on the path to getting a better sleep hygiene schedule in place. Was a bit groggy as I started getting ready this morning, but taking my Spark definitely helped! I can feel my energy will be lower today, as I sleepily document my thoughts right now. And while we are meeting up with my Dad and Laura after work, I'm planning to take it easy once we are home and just relax.

Nutrition / Getting groceries is the big to-do of the day, which will help replenish food items to make balanced nightly snacks. I have yet to document my dinner into MFP; I have a feeling I was low (again). I am hoping I'll be able to order new protein by the end of the week. That has been my biggest struggle since starting to track and I'm ready to figure out how to fill in that gap!


08.10.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: I did the sport weight, but the life reps.


6 Power Snatches (65#)

40 SU's

End Result: Mentally, this workout was just tough for me. I wanted to challenge myself by using 65#, which I did, but it ended up not being as quick as I would have liked. I wasn't getting through all the jump roping, but considering it was more of a skill-focus little WOD, I wasn't too upset about it. I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with that 65#, which means I'm certainly getting stronger with it as well.

Part B:


10 Box Jumps (24")

10 Hang Squat Cleans (85#)

End Result: 3 + 5 / Definitely a good challenge! I scaled the weight appropriately for what I felt like I could keep moving through, and was glad I settled on 85#. While power cleans are fun and all, it was good to work on the squat cleans as well!

Part C:

:20W / :10R , x8 - V-Ups = 56 total reps!


Back Squats - W12D1 (Last Week!)

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130#
  • 1x5 @ 75% -130#

Front Squats - W12D1 (Last Week!)

  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#

We had a talk about where sport class is going to go from here, and I'm excited for what is to come! Since I wasn't certain what we would be doing, I didn't warm up as well as I could have for Hatch. Every set felt pretty heavy and hard, and even after, my body just wasn't happy with doing the squats. After finishing my Hatch squats for today, there was handstand work!

Part A: x6 , :30W/:20R HSPU - First 2 Rounds = orange band & Last 4 Rounds = orange + small green

6 / 6 / 6 / 4 / 3 / 5

Ryan helped me to alter my hand position. He realized my hands were turned out just a little too much. We turned them in a little more, to more of a push-up/push press placement, which actually worked really well! Also, instead of trying to rep it out, he told me to rest down on my head and reset before pushing myself up.

Part B: x3 ME Handstand Walk

Get up and balance, THEN go. Only cue I focused on for the rest of my attempts.


Sleep / sleep cycle = 5:24 / Definitely not ideal. Despite being a tad exhausted from doing yard work at Matt's parents, we were both oddly wired once we were back home. This led to a much later bedtime than usual, and the alarm came quick this morning. Energy felt relatively good all day, but I hope to get myself in to bed much earlier today, even if I spend more time reading than initially falling asleep. Didn't really feel the need for an afternoon Spark, but knew it wouldn't hurt to keep my energy up for the day.

Nutrition / The hunger is real today, and I'm working on trying to stay on top of being fed. After taking the weekend off from tracking on my phone (I actually kept up with most of it in my head), it feels good to be logging. Dairy was consumed at dinner, so I definitely went to bed with bloat and a stomachache, and felt a pretty good stomachache after completing the workout this morning. I usually turn down the foods with dairy because of not wanting to deal with the consequences, but yesterday had two amazing sides and what is life if you don't give into those treats once (or even twice) a year! Note: The hunger was legit crazy all day.

08.03.2015 thru 08.09.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

08.03.2015 - Monday

CLASS WOD - 0630

CrossFit Total

1RM Strict Press / 95#

1RM Back Squat / 200# (PR!)

1RM Deadlift / 205#


Ryan & Michael will be taking the next week (or two) to give the sport classes a revamp...a sport class 2.0 if you will. Since we were already there, it was just some time to do a little bit of skill work.

Skill Work: I did:

4 sets of 5 coach-assisted pull-ups / Ryan said he can feel I am getting stronger, so that was awesome to hear. I am hoping to still dedicate some skill time, regardless of there not being sport class this week.

5 minutes of DU work / Still have something weird going on. Don't know if it is just rhythm, or if it could be my rope. Ryan suggested orders an RX rope to replace my cyclone rope.

08.04.2015 - Tuesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:


60 SU

8 Burpees

Really and truly struggled through those SU's and getting everything done in the allotted 1 minute. It was changed that if we didn't complete the SU's in the first 30 seconds, we would then move right on to the burpees.

Part B:

21-15-9 FT:

Power Snatch (75#)

UB Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: 11:52 / Again, proud of myself for keeping the snatches heavy during some of our WODs. I believe I just did it rep for rep, and once I was over to the wall balls, I tried to bust them out as quick as possible to keep myself moving. As I continue to use 75#, my hope is for it to become 'easier' and to bring up my 1RM for my snatch.

Part C / Skill Work:

Handstand Walk / Just keeping on keeping on. Ryan had me go between KTW and handstand walk attempts. My KTW's felt great, and now I just need to find a way for it to show in my actual handstand walking. The good news is, I feel I'm getting better at committing and getting my body to balance over, and then start the walking.

08.05.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:

800m Run, rest 3 minutes, x3 (goal is to keep times with :5-:10 seconds of each other)

End Result:

Total Time = 17:49 / Time Diff. = 4:00, +5, +10

I was really happy with how I did on this! While I thought I was going to dislike a day of all running, I ended up enjoying it once we were all done. I am probably most proud of being able to improve my time with each attempt at 800m. The best part was having Michelle at the same pace as me. For this much running, I did really enjoy having a buddy.

Part B:

10 EMOM - Max Effort 60ft. Shuttle Sprint / This was a good burner as well. A good cue from Ryan was to put your head down - and it works! I was impressed at the speed I was able to establish so quickly. I know sprints could be an area of improvement, but I felt I did really well at the same time.

Part C:

ABS  :20W / :10R , x8 - V-Ups & Superman Holds

Ouch. In a good way.

Skill Work

1st - 3 Negative HSPU x3

2nd - 2 Strict Ring Dip Holds x5

Really happy I decide to work on some skills since we don't have sport class tonight. I think doing the negative work is really help me establish using critical muscles for each movement. I have a feeling my body will be pretty sore tomorrow with the running and lots of upper body negative work.

08.06.2015 - Thursday


Holy sore body. I don't know if it was how I slept, or just the running, but my body is really feeling it today. After doing some negative work for the most part, my arms/shoulders were pretty sore; in comparison with my legs, that was nothing. My hip flexors were crazy sore, and I tried my best to stretch and mobilize them throughout the day. Definitely know the extreme soreness just came from not enough warming up of my hips.

08.07.2015 - Friday

CLASS WOD - 0520


3 Rounds

20 S2O (75#)

20 Wall Balls (14#)

*rest 4 minutes*

3 Rounds

23 Abmats

20 Box Dips

*rest 4 minutes*

3 Rounds

10 Power Cleans (95#)

10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees

End Results: 30:38 [life] / Loved the format of this workout, and despite it being a longer one, it was really good. Sometimes you just have to commit and burn it out for 30 minutes. While you wanted to keep a decent, quicker pace to get through the 3 rounds of each combo of movements, you did have to think about your pace as well. Mentally, I think the first mini WOD was the hardest for me to get through, but it wasn't even that bad!

08.08.2015 + 08.09.2015 - Saturday & Sunday


I didn't intend for Saturday to turn in to a rest day, but when your car decides it wants to give up on using its transmission correctly, it is best to stay home and just deal. There was a bit of cleaning and reorganize, plus lots of laundry, so my day didn't feel completely shot. I thought about doing a bodyweight WOD but it just never happened. Sunday we went over to Matt's parents in the early evening. Unknown to us, it would turn into a mini yard work WOD. I hauled 12 bags of mulch, and dumped each one of them. We also did lots of raking and picking up sticks and such in the yard. I actually came home pretty beat, so I'd consider our 5-ish hours of help as being functional fitness in my training.

Also, while I was bummed about missing Saturday, I found the turquoise lining: I think my body did need those two days of rest in a row. I came in on Monday morning, and was just ready to get after it. It restored my body further, and my mind also felt it was able to take more of a break.

08.01.2015 + 08.02.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

Again, as I am trying to get caught up, this weekend update will not include sleep or nutrition updates.

08.01.2015 - Saturday



12.1 - 7 Minutes of Burpees

End Result: 93 / I was really REALLY striving to hit 100, but will take 93 as a new PR. When I did this last (with Alex & Brock), I hit 86, so getting 6 more did feel like a pretty good PR. Ryan had us choose an Open WOD from either 2011 or 2012, and while we originally picked out different workouts, we did get some info that we would be doing CrossFit Total on Monday. It seriously took out each WOD we had picked out because there was barbell work and we realized we wanted to avoid that with Monday coming up.

After sport class, it was time to move the gym! I'm quite certain this was hard than doing burpees for 7 minutes, but it was very gratifying seeing the gym transform.

08.02.2015 - Sunday


Honestly don't remember too much about this day, except it was Matt & I's first day off together in a really long time (despite both of us not working Saturday). I was pretty sore after the events of Saturday, so I did take time to relax and stretch as well. Plus, knowing CFT would be happening in the morning, I made sure to keep myself fed.

07.24.2015 thru 07.31.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

You and I both can tell I slipped on keeping my Bridge Built entires up to date. And hey. It happens. Everything has been going down in my normal WOD book, so not all is lost. I'm going to try and catch up for the week ahead. You'll notice some sleep & nutrition missing from a few days, but I'd rather get my training logged and start fresh in the coming weeks. You'll notice a few days still have the sleep and nutrition - they were kept up at some point, but since I don't want to publish my days out of order, so it will just be a bit of a mish-mash as well go. Now. Let's travel on back to the end of July...

07.24.2015 - Friday

Part A: Strict Press 2-2-2-2

65# / 75# / 85# - Only ended up doing 3 sets, instead of 4, because of building too quick. Went to do 90# or 95# and couldn't even press it off my shoulders.

Part B: Rowing WOD


  • 500m Row
  • 25 Air Squats
  • 400m Row
  • 25 Abmats
  • 300m Row
  • 30 Walking Lunges
  • 200m Row
  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 100m Row
  • 15 Burpees

End Result: 14:49 / Mary and I just did our own thing. And knowing I needed something laidback, rowing with some easy bodyweight movements felt great.

07.25.2015 - Saturday


Buy In: :90sec Freestanding Handstand Hold (best attempts)


20 Clean & Jerks (65#) / 2min. rest

20 Snatches (65#) / 2min. rest


Thrusters (65#)


End Result: 15:20 / I actually game planned quite well for this one. I did the C&J's split 10-5-5; original plan was to shoot for 10-10, but I realized I did need a little bit more rest. As for the snatches, I did 5-5-5-5, just as planned. As for the thrusters, I originally shot for: 10-8, but hit 8-4-4; 4-4-4, but did 6-3-3; and lastly, 6 unbroken. I didn't plan as well for the thrusters, but was satisfied with how I adapted! Pull-ups were in sets of 3 or 2, with reps of 1, if needed. I hope to become stronger with both movements where I can link more together.

07.26.2015 - Sunday


07.27.2015 - Monday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:


[Sport] 3 Squat Cleans @ 70% of 1RM (85#)

Part B:

21-15-9-6-3 FT:


KB Swing (35#)

Wall Balls (14#)

End Result: [Life] 10:40 / Really wished I could have gotten through fast. The burpees are oddly what wore me out the most. I was satisfied with doing life during this workout, as my body wasn't craving something really intense to start off the week.


Back Squats - W11D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x3 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x2 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x2 @ 90% - 160#
  • 1x1 @ 95% - 165#
  • 1x1 @ 103% - 180#

While it certainly felt a little weird to see a rep at 103%, I was quite certain it would come pretty easy. And it did! All of these reps felt really good and my body didn't feel too sore or stiff like it sometimes does on these heavier days.

Front Squats - W11D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#

Can't remember back to this, but having that in consideration, I'm sure it went well. And I would think after the weights prescribed for back squats, these felt relatively light.

Skill / Skill Programming / Handstand Holds & Walks

Still need to focus on getting me to hold the handstand before walking. We worked on Ryan catching me past that point, and making me attempt the walk after. The more I work on getting upside down and moving, the better my walks are getting.

07.28.2015 - Tuesday

Part A: 6min. AMAP OH Walking Lunge (25#)

2 laps / This was absolutely killer.

Part B:


10 Hang Snatch (75#)

10 Box Over (24")

End Result: This was the one day I didn't log in my notebook! I feel like it was 3 +13 for some reason. It was my first time using 75# as a WOD weight because I wanted the challenge, and want to get rid of the weird fear I have against heavy snatches. I remember thinking, "I'll be happy if I get through 2 rounds", and then I blew myself away with 3..and then some!

Part C:

ABS :20W/:10R , x8 - V-Ups & Superman Flex

07.29.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: Push Jerk 6-6-6-6

65# / 85# / 95# / 100# / 115#

Was surprised how good this movement felt today. After a few weeks of sore shoulders, and quite a bit of pain when I would do any press overhead, it was good. We realized we could have started our first set with 85# about halfway through, but doing 115# was plenty heavy.

Part B:

4 RFT (20 cap)

400m Run

25 Burpees

200 SU's

End Result: 2 + 100 SU's / I felt pretty awful during this, and was on the verge of tears once the clock hit 20 minutes. I went into it thinking I could finish all 4 rounds, but it wasn't the case. My shoulders were pretty burnt out and once I was done, they felt absolutely dead. And for some reason, my jump roping was really off and I couldn't blow through those as fast as I usually can (is it okay to blame the fans?). I held in the tears and realized I did the best I could. And after doing sport level WODs on Monday and Tuesday (plus Monday's sport class), I'm not surprised at how much this hurt. Some days, the WODs are going to feel off - and that is fine. As Mary said, 'at least you poured your heart out'. That was how I truly felt.


Back Squats - W11D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#

These felt pretty good today, despite my hips being sore. I think the combo of the lunges from Tuesday, as well as where I was catching the bar on the snatches, didn't help that. Form and everything felt good. Since starting Hatch, I am becoming more aware of when my feet are 'off' and in the wrong positioning, which is awesome! I also went without knee sleeves and a weight belt today, which felt just fine!

Front Squats - W11D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 120#

With my back squats feeling quite good, I couldn't really same the same for front squats. I think the heavier weights this week, compared to the back squat weights, may have been the reason why. And maybe because I didn't have knee sleeves on, it just ended up feeling harder as well. 120# and its 5 reps went a lot slower than the other sets, and I think that is just fine! I was still able to complete them all!

Skill / Strength / Handstand walking attempts.

I'm doing a lot better with letting my legs fall over at the top of the handstand, and was even able to get 3-4 really good steps in! After working on them on Monday, I was able to put most of the cues to use and really noticed a difference. Ryan also said he saw improvements as well, and that it is getting better.

Skill Programming / N/A at this time. There are some adjustments to come for the sport class, and how it is ran, so a hold has been put on this part of class. We are still taking time during sport class to discuss goals and work on them.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:52 / Despite almost getting 7 hours of sleep, I was pretty darn sleepy this morning when I woke up. I'm not certain if it was from too much sleep, or not waking up at the 'right time', but I think it may just be one of those sleepy types of days. I was happy to get into bed earlier than normal and hope to have the trend continue throughout this week. The sleepiness did go throughout the entire day and I really did find myself ready for bed almost immediately after eating dinner.

Nutrition / No tracking today. Focusing on an intuitive day, which may roll over into tomorrow as well. I'm planning to keep a written food journal of my meals/snacks and their portions, and will log it at the end of the day. I want to see how I can manage on my own, without having to scan and log each little thing. I'm happy with doing this, and know it won't change anything for me overnight. I think I did very well today, and after talking with Ryan, this may be another area to get a revamp in regards to my training. I could have gotten away with a legitimate last meal/snack, but just didn't have an appetite after a sort of stressful day.

07.30.2015 - Thursday


After a tough Wednesday, both physically and mentally, it was definitely a day of rest. I gave myself a mental break, and really made sure to focus on giving myself some "me" time to restore a sense of peace and calm in my life.

07.31.2015 - Friday

Part A:


5 Pull-Ups 20 Air Squats *2 min. rest*


400m Run 20 Wall Balls (14#) *2 min. rest*


20 Dball Slams (10#) 10 Dball Get-Ups (10#)

End Result: 8 + 5 Pull-Ups / 2 + 13 Wall Balls / 5 + 8 Dball Slams

Really satisfied today with how I did. I went into this long (34min.) workout knowing it was going to be all about pace so you could maintain a good clip throughout the entire part. My mental game plan was like this:

- 1st AMRAP: Broke up my pull-ups in 3 +2; some instances it was 2+2+1, which I was still satisfied with. Air squats just kept on moving, with no breaks/rest in the 20 reps.

- 2nd AMRAP: Keep a good, moderate pace on the run, and trying to do 10+10 for wall balls. This was maintained, and definitely worked well. During the second round, I did do 5+5+10, but the rest between the sets of 5 was really short. My lungs felt a little weird during the run, and after thinking about it, I should make sure I am breathing better during wall balls.

- 3rd AMRAP: Just. Keep. Moving. That was all you could do. Dball slams were done 10+10. Dball get-ups just kept moving, but I switched arms, 5 left then 5 right. The last round I just went back and forth passing the ball in my arms.

07.22.2015 + 07.23.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

07.22.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: Max Height Box Jump

New PR! 36" / Up from 35.5 inches...but still progress! I attempted 38", four times, but hit the inevitable mental block. Totally fine by me. I knew I just wanted to hit my last PR, or improve in the slightest bit.

Part B:


5 Cleans (120# - Power)

10 Ring Dips (small green)

End Result: 5 + 2 / I was super excited for this workout! Short, heavy and a little burner for each round. I knew I wanted to go heavier than 105#, which was prescribed for the life level, so as we warmed up, I had my eyes set on 125#. After trying one, I felt it was just a little too much but 115# felt 'light', so I settled on 120#. They were heavy, but I was happy to get up to 5 rounds! I definitely wasn't excepting that. I caught a few a little hard in the neck, causing a little marking and pain. So proud of what I was able to do and glad I amped up my weight.


Back Squats - W10D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130# = did not do

I was hurting coming in to the gym, and just decided to do the first three sets, since the weights seemed manageable. My knee on my back squats was grinding a little, so I knew it would be best to take it easy.

Front Squats - W10D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105# = did not do

Similar to back squats. After whacking my neck pretty hard with the barbell in the morning, it hurt to get it set right, but I still managed to get those first three sets in.

Skill / Strength:

In a weird limbo stage with the sport class, so everyone did their own thing today.

Skill Programming:

I did mobility on my deltoids, as they have been pretty consistent on being tight. I rolled on a lacrosse ball and also worked through some movement on the orb.

I also worked on my double unders - just not as long as I would have liked. I got dizzy after warming up, and felt really tight in my calves. I was able to hit 2/2/6/5/4/3, so we will count that as progress.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:05 / Surprised to have woken up before my alarm today, and feel more awake than the past two mornings. I'm knocking on wood now that I won't hit a slump this afternoon, but I'm feeling pretty amazing! Groggy was definitely how I felt right when I got to the gym, but it started to wear off with a little Spark and some good laughs. The plan is to sleep in a little more tomorrow (yay for rest day!) but I also would love to wake up and work on the blog...we'll see what happens!

Nutrition / Nutrition yesterday was definitely not the best, as I woke up the slightest bit hungry. Once I have Spark in my body and start working out, I'm good until after the workout. A fabulous breakfast date at Duluth Grill with some of my CFA ladies this morning, which meant a good meal to start the day. I pre-logged yesterday, and found there isn't much room for a last meal. But I'm going to make it work! Update: I wrote this first half pretty early on in the day, and should mention it all turned right around lunch. My stomach started to feel really off, and it was hard to eat/swallow. I definitely did not hit my macros for the day, but I am more importantly listening to what my body needs right now.

07.23.2015 - Thursday


HOLY SORE. Neck, traps, chest and shoulders are really feeling everything from the last three days. I am thinking I should get myself a lacrosse ball to roll out at home. I have a plan of just stretching today and getting my mobility back on point.

Made sure to keep myself up and moving at work, which I think helped me feel a little less sore in some places. My plan is to hopefully get in some good mobility and stretching before bed!

Sleepsleep cycle = 7:32 / Definitely wasn't asleep for all of this. Lumi woke me up a few times (because she was eating my hair) and I woke up when Matt came home from work at 11:30pm. I'll still say it was a pretty good night of sleep, despite waking up really really sore.

Nutrition / Going to really try and keep myself focused today on getting all of my macros in, after feeling sick yesterday. My stomach is still feeling slightly off today, so I'm going to make sure my meals are pretty bland/basic to ease up on my stomach. Update: My macros have been awesome today, and it looks like I'll just be having a pretty normal (balanced) last meal! Yahoo!

07.21.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: 1 mile run AFAP [sport]

End Result: 8:20 / Just a little bit proud of this. This was the first time, that I can remember, testing my AFAP 1 mile run since starting CrossFit. Even in my running days, I don't know if I had anything under 7! My next goal would be to shave off :20 seconds, which I think is perfectly doable for me!

Part B: 21-15-9 FT


Wall Balls (14#)

Am. KB Swings (45#)

End Result: [scaled sport] 10:56 / Pull-ups were a little tender on the hands, but otherwise... I loved it! I'm a fan of wall balls (except maybe during Dirty Karen), and I love working on my KB swings with a heavier weight. Still trying to work through pull-ups; might have to bring this up tomorrow with Ryan, or during another sport class to see if we can find the kinks and get me a few more cues as well. I was hoping to get under 12 - to redeem myself from yesterday - and definitely succeeded!

Skill Programming: N/A - Did mobility after the workout to ease my muscles.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:25 / Holy tired today. I don't know why, but even as I type this at 8pm, I'm still dealing with sleepiness. Despite getting Spark into my system right away, I was having a hard time feeling awake right when class started. Once we started moving, I felt tonnes better. I guarantee with another hour of sleep, my mile run would have felt faster! Hoping to get into bed earlier tonight; have to make sure I'm 'packed' for tomorrow! WOD, birthday breakfast, work, sport class, home.

Nutrition / MUCH better today on getting a balance in, but still will be dealing with a heavier last meal to meet all the macros. No snacks in between meals today, which certainly didn't help. I really need to start making sure I take the time to give myself fuel while at work so this can stop happening. I already started logging tomorrow, in hopes it will end up more balanced. Confession: popsicles are simply amazing during the summer.

07.20.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

I did my skill programming, as I would be squatting at sport class in the evening. Since we are getting our programming later this week, Sarah suggested I work on handstand skills. I did a few holds against the wall, and then kick up to the wall with a few steps. Once the clock started for the squats, I did 4 sets of 10 shoulder taps.

Part B:

3 RFT (12 cap)

10 OHS (65#)

10 HSPU (bands - orange and small green)

20 TTB

End Result: 20 reps / Yes, I was capped, and you know what? I'm proud of it. My TTB and HSPU could be considered two of my weaknesses, and I worked hard to get them spot on. I hope to find more ways to get my strength built. OHS felt strong as well; this is another movement I hope to build up my weight for.

Part C: Abs - :20W/:10R x8 -- Hollow Rock Hold + Superman Hold


Back Squats - W10D1 / Hips were pretty sore, but once I warmed up and did the first set, my hips were doing better. These squats felt spot on for form and technique, and I hope I was cue myself to a coach's standard. A few weeks have had some struggles when it comes to back squats, but all sets felt really good. Even better? I didn't have to put on my belt!

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130#


Front Squats - W10D1 / Best front squats in awhile, or that I can truly remember. Form was good, and my focus was definitely on keeping the bar back, my elbows up, and just keeping two fingers on the bar.

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#

Strength / Skill

Thurster EMOM [1 Sqt. Clean, add 10lb. each minute until failure]

65# / 75# / 85# / 95# / 105# / 115#

Shoulders were tight from the start (note to self, need to find mobility to work on this). I was able to get 120# cleaned up, but just stopped once it got to the overhead press up. Pretty proud of being able to do 115#!

Skill Programming: Still having this worked on by the coaches, but I was able to some skill programming during this mornings class. Look above!

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:36 / Pretty much zonked right out and felt quite energized in the morning. I was moving a bit slow and left later for the gym than normal, but was still on time! Good feeling to have the power to get through the workout and everything. Energy was pretty good for the rest of the day, and even for sport class after a day of work. Still hoping to get in a pattern of 7 hours of sleep, but 6.5 works pretty good (for now).

Nutrition / I did well for most of the day, but still ended up getting short on my protein and carbs (fats were fine). I'm still troubleshooting all of this, and I know it didn't help missing a snack at work that could have prevented this. I was 10 off for protein, and 20 off for carbs, which could have been a pretty okay meal, but I was already eating a lot to catch up so I called it okay. Here's to better planning tomorrow and the rest of the week!

07.13.2015 thru 07.19.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.13.2015 - Monday


I had insomnia on Sunday night, and knew it would be more beneficial for me to get sleep instead of trying to get to the gym. I am slowly learning that sleep is most important for me when it comes to CrossFit. Since I was able to get a decent amount of sleep, I still decided I would go to sport class after work.


Back Squats - W9D1

  • 1x5 @ % - #
  • 1x @ % -#
  • 1x2 @ % - #
  • 1x2 @ % - #
  • 1x1 @ % - #

Felt very heavy this week. Legs, specifically hamstrings, still recovering from the last qualifier workout on Saturday. I pushed through. My last set (of just the 1 rep) felt ugly, but I didn't have to bail on it.

Front Squats - W9D1

  • 1x5 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #
  • 1x4 @ % - #

These felt worse than the back squats, but not in a way of being too heavy or unsafe. For the most part, I definitely believe my body was just dealing with overall fatigue.

Strength / Skill: Snatch Pull + High Hang Snatch (35# empty bar / 55# / 65#)

Cues: stay on balls of feet when setting up at the bottom, or even when using the top-down method; make sure to hit full extension, especially with 'straight legs' before proceeding to pull; keep the bar close. I felt there were some great cues given to me, and I hope to be given more chances to work on getting my form/technique better when it comes to snatches.

Skill Programming: N/A

We finished up the second round of programming over the weekend, and have yet to discuss our next round of goals and receive new packets. I was pretty hungry, so I felt better going home. I was going to attempt some handstand walks, but my back was feeling a little off/fatigued.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 8:49 total time; sleeping time = ~4:30 / Obviously we know I dealt with some insomnia, with no real thought into why it may have happened. I did run out of my M3 from Pure Pharma, and it was still being shipped during this time frame. I did try to find ways to focus/relax my mind and did have a snack (+ ibuprofen and water) to see if it would help me fall asleep.

Nutrition / I did not track on Sunday, which was a good feeling. I'm hoping to keep an intuitive day in my weeks to give myself a much needed mental break. I can tell, though, by not tracking, I didn't hit my protein. Back to tracking on Monday, and felt short as well. Crazy day at work led to little/no breaks to have snacks. I usually try to fill up my last meal to hit all the macros, but it would have been a crazy amount of food. I felt okay with it, and knew I might wake up pretty hungry. I felt fine, though, and think my body was mostly fighting through the little sleep I received.

07.14.2015 - Tuesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: 2-2-2-2 Strict Press

Warm-up = 35#/55#/60

Build = 65# / 75# / 80# / 85#

I was really proud of being able to strict press what I did, since I feel like I am sometimes held back by trying to do this heavy lifting in the morning. Being that my last 1RM of strict press was at 95#, I do feel this was a good representation of my strength and was right on track.

Part B:

FT: 40-20-10-20-40

DBSC (20#)

Dball Sit-Ups (20#)

End Result: [Sport Level] Holy painful. After Monday night's squats, the DBSC felt pretty awful. Sit-ups were fine, but I noticed my hip flexors did get tight. I felt I could have gone quicker, but noticed my legs were seizing up pretty quick between sets of reps on the DBSC.

Skill Programming: N/A

Still waiting on discussing new goals and programming with Ryan or Michael.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:32 / So glad I had an easier night of being able to fall asleep. Hallelujah to Pure Pharma M3 for being back in my life. I took the time to see when my body felt 'ready' for bed, and also proceeded to read, which I really think helped me.

Nutrition / Made a better effort for planning out my eats for the day, and making sure I had balance. Snacks at work are still harder to get in, but I'm working on it! I do think by not hitting everything on Monday, I was a little more hungry than usual. A little treat of Noodles & Co. for dinner today with Matt, and it still worked right in with my macros, so that made me pretty happy. Lastly - macros were pretty much spot on today, except a little overzealous on the carbohydrate side of things...and that's okay! I was happy to hit my protein and fats right on.

07.15.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A: 1RM/Heavy Power Clean & Jerk (15min.)

125# - Still thinking this was my last C&J 1RM - and that is just fine by me. I attempted 135#, and it just wasn't happening. Coach Ryan did tell me it would help to reach full extension to be able to get under the 135#.

Part B: "Barba"

400M Run

20 Burpee Box Overs (20")

400M Run

End Result: [Sport Level] 6:00 / Felt awesome about this workout! The last run was obviously the hardest part, but as long as you had pacing on your mind, it was great! Legs were feeling pretty sore from the time I woke up, so it may have attributed to the last run hurting.

Part C: 8x - :20W/:10R | Superman Hold + Hollow Rock Hold

Skill Programming: N/A


No Hatch today, per coach's (and my own body's) request. We instead worked on a 1RM Thruster. I was able to hit 125#, I believe. I broke it down to a power clean, pause, front squat/thrust it up. Worked pretty well with a heavier weight!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:11  / Definitely a shorter night of sleep, but I still felt energized and excited for the workout! Also, I felt focused and not so sleep during the work day which is always a bonus.

Nutrition / SO PROUD of myself for hitting my macros spot on today. Yes, it did require a weird snack before bed, but that is totally fine by me. I really think I am starting to feel more energized and strong for my workouts, especially with the proper fueling. I am still struggling here and there to make sure most of my macros are hit for meals and snacks during the day, instead of having all those poverty macros for a weird meal at night, but it is all about progress.

07.16.2015 - Thursday


Oh my. So so sore after Tuesday's WOD still, and I'm certain the running probably added right on to that. I did a few air squats while at work, and also made sure to work on a little mobility at night. Hoping the soreness starts to go away before having to get on to Friday and Saturday's workouts.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6:52 / Oh the wonderful sleep I get blessed with on rest days. I still tried to wake up early, mostly so I could get my food all together for the day, and just have some 'me' time. As much as I could just sleep in late, I really like the ability to have a chunk of morning time to do whatever I feel like. This is the same goofy reason I get up early on weekends as well...

Nutrition / So close on this day to hitting my macros, so we will just say I did? Haha. I am working on making sure my protein is getting hit first (as per Madison's suggestion) and it has been working. I'm still not doing my rest day macros; while I know this could make a huge difference in the results I want to see, I'm going to try a couple weeks at my training day numbers because I feel it is what my body needs after being underfed/underfueled for so long.

07.17.2015 - Friday


Part A:

100 Dball Slams FT / 20# Dball

End Result: 4:38

Part B:

TABATA PARTY [:30W/:10R - 6 cycles - score is the lowest rep count of each movement]

Russian KB Swings (53#)



Empty Bar Push Press (35#)

End Result: 52 / Just going to say poor planning on this. I thought I was being smart by keeping the reps low and maintainable for the whole workout, but I certainly could have amped it up for some of the movements.

Sleepsleep cycle = 6ish, as usual / A slightly later bedtime, and while it wasn't ideal, I felt pretty okay for most of the day. Nothing else to really report. Always happy to have M3 back in my life.

Nutrition / Dealt with a pretty wonky stomach towards the end of the week, so I tried to keep my food simple. Didn't leave myself much snacking while at work, so I again had quite a few macros to add in for the rest of the night. I end up going over (I think it was mostly my carbs) and that is okay. There is no way we can be spot on AND live our life sometimes. Again, my protein was spot on, which I'm finding to be a small victory for me.

07.18.2015 - Saturday


We did a partner WOD, which I did with Leta (we were the only two at class). Each person had to do the same number of reps (10 and 10) but you could break it up however you found fit for strengths and weaknesses.

The WOD:


10 Deadlifts (125#)


30 Box Overs (20")

40 Wall Balls (10#)

50 Calorie Row

Max Effort Pull-Ups

End Result: Leta made it through 30ish calories, if I'm remembering correctly. I think we did a great job with how we broke it up for strengths and weaknesses.

Sleepsleep cycle = / Felt okay for most of the day, except when we were relaxing and winding down for the rest of the night. I ended up passing out on our couch bench from between 9-10pm, until quarter past 2am...oops. Five-ish hours there, and another five once in bed? Not too bad...

Nutrition / Didn't plan too well for fueling my day, but really tried to make up for it before bed. Hit my numbers - and then some. Yes, it is easy to get discourage when I go over my macros/calories, but because of how I want this approach to eating to be in my life, it is all good.

07.19.2015 - Sunday


The plan was to head to my dad's, get groceries, and relax for most of the day. The first two for sure happened, but the relaxing time was a little less than what I think we both wanted. It was so nice to be at my dad's and play with some of the littles there. An even bigger bonus of the day was going out for a late lunch with my dad and Matt at Tavern on the Hill. Matt and I were both craving burgers Saturday night, so it was nice to get the craving fulfilled sooner rather than later. Yes, I definitely stuffed myself, but it was SO AMAZING. We sped through getting our groceries, with the hope of being able to come home and relax with the kitten for the rest of the night.

Sleepsleep cycle = N/A / Forgot to turn on my Sleep Cycle app....oops! Up quite a bit later than what I'm used to, so I still ended up waking up at my 'normal' despite a later night. My energy was low for quite a bit of the day. I did feel pretty awake right away in the day, but my energy slumped late afternoon. My bet is on a little dehydration and little sleep.

Nutrition / No tracking today - just eating what the body craves (within reason). I'll go to bed tonight knowing I didn't eat as much as I should, and not hitting my macros dead on, but I'm fine with that. It was nice just to eat what sounded good. Body was craving a burger last night, so eating that today was pretty nice. I had a really small breakfast (read: just a protein bar) and we didn't eat until after noon, so I was hungry. I have come to learn that when my body craves a burger, it usually just wants all the macros at once, and pretty calorically dense. Totally fine with that!

07.10.2015 thru 07.12.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.10.2015 - Friday

REST DAY / After seeing the WOD on Thursday night, I knew I would be better off taking another rest day. So that's what I did. With heavy deadlifts coming up on Saturday, I thought the extra day of rest would be beneficial for the heavy lifting ahead.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 7:03 / Third night of seven hours of sleep and I feel it is truly helping my happiness and also my muscle recovery. I am so excited to attack next week, and get after all the WODs and Hatch squats. It sure helped sleeping in since I didn't have to get up and WOD.

Nutrition / JUST struggling a little bit today. And other days as well. I was 12g short for protein, missed 35g of carbohydrates and, luckily, 1g away from hitting my fats. I'm hoping to sit down over the weekend and plan out my meals just a little better so I can hit my macros better. Hopefully the ETP forum will be helpful with this!

07.11.2015 - Saturday

Granite Games Qualifier 15.4

  • 10 Deadlifts (105#)
  • 3 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (125#)
  • 6 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (145#)
  • 9 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (165#)
  • 12 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (185#)
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Deadlifts (205#)
  • Max Pull-Ups

End Result: 89 reps / final tiebreak time

Made it through all 10 deadlifts of 185#, and 9 pull-ups! Hoped I would have been able to hit all 15 reps, but it is totally okay!

Pretty proud of the composure I had during this WOD. Coming in to it, I told myself I'd be breaking up all pull-ups into sets of 3 reps. I was able to keep this up for most of the sets, but knew dropping down to two would still keep me moving when I jumped back up. Deadlifts = awesome. I didn't hit 205# - and that is OKAY. Considering it is my last 1RM, I was nervous about getting back to it.

Skill Programming: x5 Max Effort Handstand Walk / Only hit about 3 steps, but I focused on keeping my core tight and kicking up my second leg stronger. Also, baby steps! I was getting too overzealous before by trying to take larger steps, so the smaller steps are really helping me. The max effort of steps I was able to get felt more solid than any other attempt!

Sleep / sleep cycle = 9:22 / NAILED IT. Gosh, I can't even begin to say how nice it was to get so much sleep, especially before the qualifier. Since Matt didn't have to get up early (he started work at 9 today), I was able to sleep in a little. Sounds like a weird excuse, but usually when he has early shifts, I'm up when his early alarm goes off - and that's usually okay! I'm hoping this is the jumpstart I needed.

Nutrition / Finding today to be pretty good in regards to my nutrition. Fats are already getting high (thanks to ice cream...) but I can work with that! Our stir-fry tonight should be light on the fat, while still giving me plenty of carbs and protein. I am planning on a protein shake, if needed, to help hit those numbers. Plan for today: email a close friend on her journey with tracking macros.

07.12.2015 - Sunday

REST DAY / Holy moly - sore hammies from all those deadlifts yesterday. Focus today - lots of stretching & mobility. I am really trying to focus on all aspects of my health instead of only my physical health. After longish weeks, I am trying to keep my weekends open to relaxing.

Sleepsleep cycle =7:06 / Plus about 3ish more hours maybe? I forgot to turn on my app and when I suddenly woke up close to one is when I turned it on. So I'll say it was around 9 hours and be totally happy and content with that! I'm feeling amazing this weekend, and plan to have it roll over into this week as well.

Nutrition / Intuitive eating today. I needed a mental break from tracking, which is important to me as I continue along with ETP. So the only 'nutrition' I am focusing on today is my water intake since I felt pretty dehydrated on Saturday.

07.08.2015 + 07.09.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.08.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

Part A:

0:00-3:00 / Strict Pull-Ups [with orange band]

3:01-6:00 / Kipping Pull-Ups

End Result: 18 Strict / 16 Kipping

Went much better than I thought, and the strict pull-ups didn't seem so bad. Obviously it will be cool to try once I can knock out strict pull-ups, but I can definitely tell I've gotten stronger as well.

Part B:

3 RFT:

400m Run

5 Power Snatches (65#)

5 OHS (65#)

End Result: 9:18 / To me, this was a perfectly balanced (and quick!) workout. The 400m runs were perfectly manageable with the three rounds, and the lower reps were nice as well. The snatches felt good; I felt a few where I was dropping underneath, which means it is on my mind. Would like to talk more time to work on OHS soon - to build up strength, and work on form.

Part C: 30 Turkish Get-Ups (25#)

TOTALLY killer, but really fun to work on. Mary and I were the only ones to fully complete all the reps, and I found out later it was taken off the board for the day.


Back Squats - W8D2

  • 2x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 3x5 @ 70% - 125#

Definitely was dealing with some sore hips, so the first few sets were a little rough. After I felt warm, the weight felt good and I was able to get through the reps at a nice pace, instead of having to slow them down. My knee was feeling creaky, but after a little Deep Blue, it felt tons better.

Front Squats - W8D2

  • 4x5 @ 60% - 90#

Again, this weight + reps + sets felt really good. After Michael's cue on Monday, I made sure to have the bar back to my throat and only had my first two fingers on the bar. Breathing was spot on and it was a nice weight to do for four sets. Knees also felt solid (no wobbling in).

Skill/Strength: None, really. Ryan was having us work on handstand work, which was my skill programming for the day.

Skill Programming - 4 x 20 Shoulder Taps / Finally was able to have Ryan watch and help me troubleshoot this skill movement. Unknown to me, I CAN actually do shoulder taps. I just have to make sure my position is right and start with side-to-side movement before being able to lift my hands.

Sleepsleep cycle = 7 / FINALLY had 7 hours of sleep and it felt so so good. Being able to wake up and feel sort of ready to go before Spark was really nice. I'm hoping to keep this trend up in the days to come.

Nutrition / Still working up to my training day macros, so it is going really well. I'm excited to finish working up and start doing my rest & training day macros. I'm still trying to figure out the balance for all my meals and snacks. While I'm going over, and come in under, with some of them, I am just working on getting as close as I can for now and will contact ETP for more personalized help. I know I would be able to sit down and figure out the balance.

07.09.2015 - Thursday

REST DAY / Felt so so good. I have 4 x 15 Burpees AFAP, with 1 minute rest, on my programming - I am coming off of feel so exhausted this week, so I might dedicate extra time to mobility instead.

Nutrtion / Macros are finally set for my training days starting today. Protein & fat has remained the same...carbs just keep on going up, which is keeping me happy.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 7:04 / YES is all I can say. But, I did wake up with a pretty bad headache, and that persisted for most of the day. Staying hydrated to hopefully overcome this.


07.07.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A:

2x 25 DU's AFAP - with about :30 rest / Back squats were listed for the rest of the class,  but with Tuesday being in between my two days of Hatch, I did skill work. I was only able to get two sets in before the WOD. Did not go so well today, but was able to link up to three. I'm still noticing my arms moving out and back, and feel there is something 'off' when it comes to my jump.

Part B: (Sport Level - scaled down)

For Time | 21-15-9

SDHP (85# instead of 95#)


  • End Result: 9:18 / Didn't pay attention to the clock at all, so when I noticed the rest of the class getting done, I felt my time was going to be around 15 min. (time was apparently moving at a different pace today in my head). I was really happy to see under 10 minutes, especially since I was doing TTB this workout. The weight was challenging, which is what I really wanted for this WOD. Cues: Still need to work on something with my TTB. I was focusing on keeping my legs more straight before kicking up to the rig, which I think was working. The pull back of my lats is where I think I'll need work. This might be a good skill to work on next round of programming.

Part C:

Superman Holds - :30W / :10R

Skill Programming:

2x 25 DU's AFAP - with about :30 rest / Right off the bat, hit 10 DU's in a row...which feels like a new PR after not having my DU's for quite some time. Last time I hit that was during LSUS. One by one after that, but was still excited to feel some progressing. As Ryan said, I am probably overthinking it; so when I 'just do', my body remembers what it needs to do.


Sleepsleep cycle = 6:26 / Obviously looks like more sleep than the previous night, but I had trouble falling asleep. I am quite certain this is a result of 3 Sparks catching up with me. I had debated before falling asleep about resting today, but when I woke up, I felt okay. So WOD it was. None of that Spark madness for the rest of this week so I can get some decent sleep. Thought it was maybe hunger keeping me up, but when I got up, my body felt like it needed water and ibuprofen. Dehydration might have been the cause.

Nutrition / Yesterday was pretty good in the eats department, especially since I didn't get overly hungry during sport class. After getting home from the WOD, my stomach was a little sick feeling. Thinking this came from the stir fry leftovers I had being rich on my stomach. Scale is dead (needs new batteries) so it will be an estimating day, which I think it is a good challenge. Contacting ETP today (again) to see what the status is of my forum membership. Really need to find guidance on planning & balancing my meals out.

07.06.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Part A: 10 EMOM

10 reps American KB Swing (45#) / Such a tough EMOM, but it felt good to work through an end result of 100 total KB swings at 45#. I want to get more comfortable at this weight before hitting 53# for all workouts. I know I could do 53#, but I'm willing to talk the time to step back and work my way up.

Part B: (Sport Level)


Burpee Box Overs


8 Pwr Cleans (95#)

8 Box Jumps (20")

  • End Result: 35 reps + 2+6 Pwr Cleans

Part C:

3 x 15 Candlesticks

Skill Programming:

4 UB Kipping Pull-Ups x10 with :45sec. rest / First 5 sets were four reps and second 5 sets were three reps. I scaled accordingly because of how my body was feeling, and my hands were tender as well.


Back Squats - W8D1

  • 1x5 @ 65% - 115#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 75% - 130#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 140#

Definitely stiff as I started these squats, but remembered to just take it slow. My body felt a little off in regards to how my legs were moving and how my back was set; after warming up, this went away. I squatted without a belt and knees sleeves, and it did feel a bit freeing to me.

Front Squats - W8D1

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#

Again, these felt a little off. After getting a cue from Coach Michael, my elbows were dropped and the bar was not pushed back into my neck. I need to remember to let it rest more on my shoulders, and just let my two fingers hold on as I squat.

Strength / Skill

Thrusters - form & technique

x5, rest with deep breath, x2 @ 65# - 3 sets / Cues: Elbows up! Pushing/pressing too early, so I need to make sure I'm at full extension before letting the bar go up. I was pushing out and around (making it harder) so more focus needs to be put on keeping it straight and knocking my head back, if need be. Make sure to wait until arms/bar comes down before squatting to get to the next thruster rep. Big difference when focus was put on how the bar was moving, especially in relation to my own body.

Skill Programming / Handstand Walk x10 attempts (for distance)

2/3/4/1/2/2/2/3/2/2 - Felt pretty good after getting cues. One attempt kind of hyper-extended my elbow, but it wasn't painful.

Cues: tight core, small steps - not so fast/big on the first two steps, needing to work up to those bigger steps, focus on getting the small steps now, kick up second leg faster to get balance.

Sleep / sleep cycle = 6:02 / After a three-day holiday weekend, I know all nights, Thursday through Saturday, I went to bed far too late. Because of that, I also had a late bedtime on Sunday, making this morning for the WOD seem extra sleepy. I'm going to put focus this week on getting into bed sooner, and making time to read. I want to strive for closer to 7 hours. I was pretty tired throughout the entire day, and ended up drinking 3 Sparks!

Nutrition / I don't even know where to begin with Eat to Perform, but I think I found the 'perfect' eating lifestyle for myself. Right now, we are working up my calories to get to my necessary carbohydrate macros. After this week, I'll be right up where I need to be. I'm still working on getting added to the online forum, where I hope to get help on balancing meals. I've been dealing with many nights of poverty macros, and really want to get away from that. I feel so fed and happy, and definitely feel like I am performing better in the gym as well.


07.01.2015 thru 07.05.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

07.01.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

A: Bench Press 6-6-6-6

55# / 75# / 85# / 95#

B: 21-15-9

Deadlifts (125#)

Lateral Bar Jumps (1-count)

100m Farmer's Carry (35#'s)

End Result: 4:51 / Such a short workout, but still really fun! Loved the combinations of movements.

Skill Programming:

About 10 HS walk attempts / Only took an average of two steps. If I remember, my upper body/shoulders were pretty sore so it made these feel more challenging and difficult


Back Squats - W7D2

  • 1x4 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x4 @ 75% - 130#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 135# (should have been 140#)
  • 1x4 @ 85% - 150#

Front Squats - W7D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#

Strength/Skill: Jerk Balance

5x 3reps: 55# / 65# / 70# / 85# / 85#

Really had to work on positioning. Needed to put more weight on the outside/ball of my back foot. Had to keep front foot in line with hips/bar; straight up and down like a push press almost. Need to just DROP under the weight of the bar.

Skill Programming:

Goal Work #1 - x5 ME Flat Ring Row w/ :30 Rest


Goal Work #2 - 3x ME DU and 100 AFAP SU x2

SU - :36 and :35

DU - 1) two 2) three 3) three / It was not a good day for DU's, and that is just fine.

07.02.2015 - Thursday


This was a much needed rest day for my muscles. I was definitely looking forward to it!

07.03.2015 - Friday

A: 8 EMOM (until failure) Thruster @ 55#


OUCH for my shoulders. They were so sore/achy I wanted to shed a few tears while doing this EMOM. Of course, once I was into the 10's and the last set of 12, my shoulders finally felt warmed up. I broke up the reps once they hit double digits.

B: 4 RFT (20 Cap)

2 rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats)

60 SU's

200M Run

End Result: 3 rounds + 33 reps - EXPRESS / Chose to do this level because of the impending Granite Games qualifier WOD on Saturday. I was happy to string all five pull-ups for the first 2 rounds of Cindy - felt like such a great accomplishment after all my hard work.

07.04.2015 - Saturday

Grante Games Qualifier 15.3 [Scaled]


50 Cal. Row

50 Wall Balls (10#, 9' target)

50 S2O (65#)

50 Box Jumps (20")

End Result: 259 / So proud of being able to get back to the wall balls. Yes, I probably could have done the RX version of this workout, but I was still extremely happy/satisfied with my choice; after dealing with really tender and sore shoulders, I do think I listened to my body. Doing step-ups instead of true box jumps was another good idea, as I could keep a pace going. Adrienne judged me, and I felt she was a good motivator (and pacer) for me during this chipper.

07.05.2015 - Sunday


Sleep / Nutrition

Excited to get on track with talking about how Eat to Perform is going, and just be honest about how sleep is feeling as well.


06.26.2015 thru 06.30.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

06.26.2015 - Friday


10 OHS (75#)

800m Run

15 OHS (65#)

400m Run

20 OHS (55#)

200m Run

Max Reps OHS (35#)

End Result: +12 reps / I felt I chose the appropriate weights for myself. While I was able to crank through the first 10 reps unbroken, meaning I probably could have gone heavier, I wanted to make sure I was 100% aware of my form. It had felt like a long time since we had done OHS.

Skill Programming:

Goal Work #1 - ME UB Kip Pull-Up x5, rest 1:30 / Reps hit 4-4-4-3-3

Goal Work #2 - 4 x 4 Negative HSPU on 3" Deficit (come off wall between each rep); Rest 2 min. between sets / Cue from Ryan: Keep it just as slow at the end as I do at the start. I was dropping too quick from the top of the handstand hold.

06.27.2015 - Saturday

Granite Games Qualifier #2 [Scaled]

A1: 6 AMRAP - 1RM G2O = 125#


30 DU's

15 Hanging Knee Raises

(End Result / 62 reps)

A2: 6 AMRAP - 1RM G2O = 120#

I felt really good about both of my G2O weights! I wish I could have hit the jerk/overhead for 130#/135# but it just wasn't there. I thought the DU's would have gone better since I was linking 3-5 when I was practicing...but it ended up just being one by one. Laurie was an awesome judge/coach for me during this WOD.

06.28.2015 - Sunday


06.29.2015 - Monday

CLASS WOD - 0520

A: Back Rack Lunge x3 of 6 reps (3 each leg)

Warm-Up = 35# / 55#

Build = 75# / 85# / 95#


15 American KB Swings (45#)

15 Wall Balls (14#)

15 Box Jumps (20")

End Result - 3 + 30 reps

Skill Programming: about 5 minutes of DU practice.


Back Squats - W7D1

  • 1x5 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x5 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x2 @ 85% - 150#
  • 1x3 @ 90% - 160#
  • 1x1 @ 100% - 175#

It felt really cool to be able to hit my past 1RM again, and have it not seem that bad. I'm excited to see what my squats are like at the end of the Hatch cycle.

Front Squats - W7D1

  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x4 @ 75% - 110#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 120#
  • 1x4 @ 85% - 125#


3x8 KB Bottoms Up Press / If I'm remembering correctly, I believe I only used the 18#/pink tap KBs for these reps, and possible the smallest one.

Back Rack Push Jerk 5-5-5-5

65# / 75# x2 / 80#

These felt pretty okay; my shoulder was starting to act up a little bit. Ryan advised me to stay below about 90#, based on my strict press numbers from a few weeks back.

Skill Programming

4x5 Partner Assisted Strict Pull-Ups

Shoulders were starting to get pretty tired, but Ryan said he could tell I've been getting stronger - which was awesome because I really feel I've been putting in the hard work. The last set felt the 'worst' in regards to needing assistance.

06.30.2015 - Tuesday

A: 10 EMOM

5 KB Thrusters @ 25# Dumbbells (no KBs left)

B: 4 RFT - 25 Cap

800m Run

20 K2E (could have done TTB)

10 Burpees

End Result: 26:57 (finished last 800m run)

Skill Programming /

#1 - NO DU practice - VERY sore calves

#2 - Hand to hand weight transfer = next to rack, legs rest on band, shift hips side to side 3x :30 / Wasn't sure I was doing these right, but tried to get comfortable with the positioning on the band and rig. After talking with Michael at Wednesday's sport class, these were my takeaways:

- Use a thick band / Have the band hit right below ankle / Hands = Same as they would be if against the wall / Next time: Measure against wall and transition over for positioning

Sleep/Nutrition / No comment at this time, as I can't remember back on how this stretch of days felt. I plan to get caught up and put more detail into these two topics.

06.24.2015 + 06.25.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

06.24.2015 - Wednesday

CLASS WOD - 0520

A: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

65#/85#/90#/105#/(2RM) 110#

Definitely wish I could have hit 110# for three, but was still happy with where I ended. I also loved being able to work through all of this with Mary!

B: 4 RFT

10 Power Snatch (65#)

100 SU's

200m Run

End Result: 12:25 / SO GLAD Coach Ryan switched out pull-ups, and added in the single unders and run. I'm sure my arms wouldn't have been able to handle the pull-ups one bit. This was a burner of a workout and one I actually enjoyed; hoping the DU's will start to stick.


Back Squats - W6D2

  • 1x4 @ 75% - 130#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 140#

Front Squats - W6D2

  • 1x5 @ 60% - 90#
  • 1x5 @ 65% - 95#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#
  • 1x5 @ 70% - 105#


OH Walking Lunge | x10 35# - x10 65# - x10 85#

Attempted around the head circles with the filled tire, but the 45# was too much and cranked my tricep weird.

Skill Programming - Hurt arm, so I wasn't able to do anything at this time.

06.25.2015 - Thursday

Rest Day

Definitely needed after yesterday/this week in general.

Sleep/Nutrition / FINALLY heard from ETP, and know now I am at the right place with my macros. I am thinking of posting more about this in the future after I start building up to my training day numbers. Really unsatisfied with my sleep this week, but I know I am able to work through it. Next week, this area will become more detailed like it usually is.

06.22.2015 Bridge Built Entry.

CLASS WOD - 0520 Strength - 10 EMOM of 3 Power Cleans (105#)

I really loved this heavy EMOM! It felt good to use a dedicated amount of time on not only strength and skill, but also the endurance of the movement as well. I had to break up some of the reps, but think it would be interesting to try this EMOM again when I could do all three without setting down the bar.

WOD / 21-15-9

KB Box Step Overs (35#)

Burpee Jump Pull-Ups

End Result: 13:23 / A lot of pushing through for this WOD, but it was also about just keeping my body moving. The burpee pull-ups may have been my favorite part of this WOD, just because they still require a lot of strength to jump and pull.

Skill Programming

"Kiss the Wall" - x6 @ 6in. | x6 @ 1ft. | x6 @ 1.5-2ft with 2 steps / This is still one of my favorite skill goals to work with! I may start to add it in more, since I really think it helped me get my first few steps of the handstand walk.


Back Squats - W6D1

  • 1x6 @ 70% - 120#
  • 1x6 @ 80% - 140#
  • 1x3 @ 90% - 160#
  • 1x2 @ 95% - 165#

HEAVY this week, but was successfully on being able to accomplish all weights!

Front Squats

  • 1x5 @ 65% - 100#
  • 1x4 @ 75% - 115#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 120#
  • 1x4 @ 80% - 120#


3x8 KB Bottom Up Press - 13/18/13 [This was also on my skill programming - two birds with one stone!]

3x10 CrossOver Symmetry w/ purple



After dealing with a wonky stomach, there was definitely a lot of focus on simplifying my eats for this week. As for sleep, it could be better, length-wise, but I am still feeling mostly rested when I wake up. I'm still so happy to be taking M3 to help with this area of my health.

06.20.2015 + 06.21.2015 Bridge Built Entries.

06.20.15 - Saturday

Today was 15.1 of the Granite Games qualifier. I am doing it as a scaled woman this year, and plan to RX any workouts that seem feasible. After tweaking something in my back earlier this week, I knew I would most likely do this one scaled, depending on how 105#, compared to the scaled weight of 75#. On Friday, I attempted 105#; while I could do it, I knew it wouldn't be smart to do it in an AMRAP style workout.

15.1 - Granite Games WOD (scaled)


5 Hang Squat Cleans (75#)

7 Bar Facing Burpees

End Result: 84 reps

Thoughts: This workout felt pretty awful. As I drove to the gym, my stomach felt sick. I thought it would maybe pass, thinking it was just a little indigestion, but it ended up sticking around. I decided I would push through it, knowing the workout would be done in ten minutes. I did it & I finished, and I was so proud of that. Alex, who judged me, definitely confirmed that I looked like I was in pain, because I was. I was able to calm my body down, and finished watching the others as well.

06.21.2015 - Sunday

Rest Day

After dealing with a rotten stomach for most of the day on Saturday, I decided it would be best to just lay low on Sunday before I had even gone to bed. It was a good idea, as I still woke up with a wonky stomach. Matt and I did run some errands, which was able to get me out and about and moving for a little bit of the day.

My plan for the week ahead is to get on track with Eat to Perform, and work to truly figure out where my macros need to be. I'm also hoping to 'catch up' and get on track with my skill programming every day.